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In the world of anime there are many types of characters. Those who consider themselves “superior beings” or who are above other people are called kamideres. On this occasion, we have prepared an entry for you in our otaku dictionary so that you learn everything you need about the kamideres. Keep reading and find out the origin of this word along with the characteristics of the characters.

Origin of the word Kamidere

In the anime, The word Kamidere is used to define and identify characters with a strong divinity complex, along with an air of nobility, pride, and arrogance. However, the term can be used in otaku outside of anime to refer to such people.

Kamidere is a Japanese word which is a combination of two words: kamiwhich means God, and rightderived from Deredere, which means to love, so these characters can have a deep passion for someone, although this is not always the case, as some kamideres have a strong love for power or faith.

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Kamidere and the vision of an alleged God

Deal with kamidere it can be complex or simple, depending on your personality and the character in question. These characters do not believe that they are gods created out of nothing, as they possess qualities that give them an advantage over ordinary humans.

They believe that beings they do not consider worthy should be removed from this world. To do this, they spend a lot of time planning and executing strategies to achieve that purpose. The main rule that must be followed before the Kamideres is:

Don’t go against them!

Best anime kamidere

As is often the case with other types of characters and personalities, there are many Kamidere characters loved by the community. Below we have prepared a small list with the best anime Kamidere:

  • Mio Isurugi
  • Dio Brando
  • light Yagami
  • In it
  • Lelouch Vi Britannia
  • Kiryuin Satsuki

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