11-year-old boy injured in the leg in a shooting between two cars in Chicago

They did not reveal the health status of those affected.

They did not reveal the health status of those affected.

Photo: Andri Tambunan/AFP/Getty Images

The emergency teams of the city of Chicago responded to an emergency call for a shooting who had performed at Kostner Avenue and Monroe Street in the West Garfield Park area where Four people were seriously injured, including a minor.

According to the investigations of the authorities, the shooting occurred when a car approached another and opened fire, in which these people were hit with the shots.

The 11-year-old boy was shot in the leg.was rushed to Stroger Hospital located at 1969 W. Ogden Avenue, officials did not disclose his condition. The other three people who were hit by the bullets are: a 31-year-old woman shot in the arm, she was taken to Rush University Medical Center.

Two men, one 33 years old and one 48 years old, were hit in the backboth transferred to Stroger Hospital, where their health status is reserved, detailed the abc7 Chicago newscast.

The identity of the four affected by the shooting was not revealed by the authorities, only the sex and ages of each one for informational use. The city鈥檚 police chief revealed that investigations continuebut so far there is no detainee.

Chicago has recorded high rates of violence, so far this year alone, 47 children have been shot, of which 13 have been fatal. The rate of criminal violence in Chicago has increased by 45%, data provided by Police Chief David Brown.

It should be remembered that at the beginning of March A 12-year-old girl was shot in the neck. when he returned from celebrating his birthday with his family. Days later she was pronounced dead at the hospital.

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