2022 arrives with new laws: the most relevant or striking

Minimum wage in the state of California, $ 15.

Minimum wage in the state of California, $ 15.

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This Saturday January 1, different laws come into force in the United States, which go on different topics, and some are much more striking than others.

If it is controversial, there is the restriction of abortion in New Hampshire, or those pertaining to police changes in Illinois, Oregon or North Carolina.

Precisely in New Hampshire, abortion prohibited after 24 weeks of gestation, only with exceptions for risks to the physical health or life of the mother.

There are Republican legislators in several states with intentions to restrict or even prohibit the termination of pregnancy, otherwise the Democrats, who want to guarantee access to it.

For their part, there are several states that have passed new criminal justice laws.

In Illinois, a law allows officers with unethical or erroneous behavior may be expelled, while in North Carolina Recruits from the security forces should be subjected to psychological tests with a licensed professional, who will help determine whether or not they are suitable for the position.

Oregon states that an agent who witnesses the misconduct or rule violation of another agent must report it to a supervisor within 72 hours, followed by an investigation, the results of which will be released to the state.

Illinois and Oregon now prohibit discrimination for reasons of physical characteristics, such as hairstyle.

In Maine passed a law after an explosion in September 2019, where a firefighter was killed and several more people were injured. This is an example of legislation with limited scope and aims to remedy particular situations.

The Connecticut Paternity Law It grants unmarried, non-biological or same-sex parents, parental rights and legal capabilities immediately upon the birth of the child, all through a form.

Regarding the minimum wage, California It is the first state to require companies with 25 or more employees a salary of $ 15.

There are 20 more states with minimum wage increases that do not reach 15 dollars, and others without state law in this regard and that are governed by the federal, of 7.25 dollars per hour.

About taxes, Georgia will limit the amount to be paid before people pay state taxes, which will save individually up to $ 43 annually and $ 63 in marriage. Additionally, state teachers working in low-performing or rural schools will be eligible for up to $ 3,000 a year off state taxes.

Oklahoma lowers the maximum rate from 5% to 4.75% of personal income tax, and the corporate tax rate from 6% to 4%.

New Mexico adds a new surcharge 2.75% to health insurance premiums.

In Montana, recreational use of marijuana it will be legal.

In Mississippi, no prescription needed to buy decongestants with ephedrine or pseudoephedrine.

Also in California, the strictest living space standards in the entire country have been implemented for raising pigs.

In a similar vein, Maryland Joins States Banning Sale of New Cosmetic Products with Animal-Tested Ingredients.

Vermont bans trade in exotic animal products or parts like giraffes. Sea turtles, elephants, whales, certain primates or sharks in danger of extinction.

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