3 of the best ways to raise the height of your truck

Pickup elevada

Truck enthusiasts are upgrading their vehicles more than ever. many owners they decide to raise the height of their pickups for an altered appearance in performance.

Lift kits can be found online and they can be installed on your truck just like you would do it yourself. Some lift systems can be a bit difficult to install, but after all, the challenges and the end result is what motivates us.

Nowadays there are several ways to raise the height of your trucksome better than others and the costs can also vary a lot.

Therefore, here we have put together a list of three of the best ways to raise the height of your truck.

1.- Body Lift

The body lift They place a spacer between the frame and the body mounts. They are used to mount larger tires, add clearance for larger engines and transmissions, and add PTO attachments. The body lift do not change the direction or geometry of the suspension, which helps retain the factory driving feel. Because the cab and bed are lifted off the frame rather than the whole thing being lifted, the center of gravity is not raised as much with a body lift compared to a suspension lift.

These body lift They are usually less expensive than full suspension lifts. Because the body lift they do not change the suspension, they do not increase the suspension travel or change the gear. Sometimes wiring and other components need to be lengthened to accommodate the larger gap between the body and frame.

2.- Spacer elevator

Spacer risers are also inexpensive and generally are used to raise the vehicle 1 to 2 inches. A spacer is placed between the hanger and the hanger mounting location. For coil springs, the spacer can be placed at the top or bottom.

Leaf spring spacers, also known as blocks, are placed between the leaf spring and the axle. Air suspension lifts may benefit from a spacer to reduce the amount of air required to lift the vehicle by adjusting the ride height sensor.

3.- Torsion bars

Torsion bars are one of the easiest ways to raise the height of your vehicle when lifting small amounts.

Most torsion bars have a bolt that can be used to adjust the height of the suspension in small increments. For larger lifts, braces are needed to lower where the torsion bars connect to the vehicle frame. These bars can also be replaced with stronger ones to handle the extra weight of steel bumpers, larger tires and front implements such as a snowplow.

Replacing the torsion bars can also change the spring rate for a stiffer or smoother ride.


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