5 sexy looks of Angela Aguilar that she wore in 2022

5 sexy looks of Angela Aguilar that she wore in 2022

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The American singer, Angela Aguilar, continues to grow as she disappears and not only in her professional field, which already places her as the “Princess of the Mexican Regional” with only 18 years of age., but that has been accompanied by his influence on fashion, which has caused many young women to seek to adopt his style.

And is that the youngest daughter of Pepe Aguilar has imposed clothes like a whole Top Model, because each outfit that has been used in its videos, as well as in its social media accounts, many of its fans have tried to replicate them, and for this reason, it has managed to increase its followers in numbers. exponential way.

One of her hallmarks in her style is undoubtedly the fitted dresses, which she has worn repeatedly during awards and events of great importance such as the recent Latin Grammy gala, as well as the Radio Awards, in which she looked very sexy, and is that the clothing you have chosen is full of provocative colors such as red, blue, black, among others.

Another of the styles that the native of Los Angeles, California enjoys the most are corvettes, which she has shown that she has different colors, styles, and designs, even one of the ones that most drove her followers crazy was the one she shows in her video of the song composed by Ana Barbara, “En Realidad”, in which she presents a completely green outfit, and has the distinction that it was made of velvet, which not only makes it a unique piece but also elegant.


While the fitted ones, Leonardo Aguilar’s sister, has combined them with a very vintage style of makeup and hairstyle, as she has used them in the pure style of María Victoria and company use of red lipstick has always stood out in her images.

Angela has also accompanied all these beautiful proposals with shoes of all kinds, ranging from cowboy boots to multi-colored platforms, such as the silver glitter boots that he has presented not only in his music videos but also has combined them with his daily looks while enjoying his stay at his famous ranch in Tayahua, Zacatecas, where he shares with his family various hobbies and even sessions of pictures.

In addition to this, the famous interpreter of “Se disguised” also accompanies each of her garments with ostentatious accessories that range from belts, bracelets to hats, scarves, and beautiful necklaces, which on many occasions are made by Mexican artisans.

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