5 things you should consider before buying a turbo for your car

Turbo kit

When you鈥檙e ready to invest in a turbo kityou鈥檒l want to be sure you鈥檙e getting all the parts and components you need to give your car the power it鈥檚 been craving.

It is natural that you have many questions and you could use some direction when making your purchase. In the market there are many brands, models and different prices of turbo kitbut before acquiring any, it is best that you investigate all your concerns.

So, here we tell you five things you should consider before buying a turbo for your car.

1.- Is everything there?

Make sure all parts, accessories, clamps, silicone hoses, timing and fuel management components are included, in addition to the major components. In short, check that it is a complete kit that contains everything necessary for its correct installation.

2.- They are all ball bearings

Find a kit with a ball bearing turbo, which is much more durable and exhibits more longevity than a standard thrust bearing turbo. BB turbos also reduce turbo spool time, resulting in less turbo lag. Ceramic ball bearings are rated indestructible and do not retain heat, making them the most common types. Ball bearing turbos are generally accepted as the industry standard for strong and durable turbos.

3.- Nothing is cooler than a intercooler

Make sure your kit includes an intercooler. Since most turbo kits operate in the 6-9 psi forced induction range and run on spent exhaust gases, most generate a tremendous amount of hot air. The intercooler uses ambient air that is forced into the car while driving to cool this hot air produced by the turbo.

Cooled air is compressed and the more air held at the same relative PSI, the more it can be forced into the engine. Keeping the engine cooler not only makes it more efficient and safer, it also provides more power.

4.- Do your system a favor with an exhaust valve

A blow off valve should also be included in your turbo kit. This valve vents unused air that gets trapped in the charge tube between shifts or at idle. This will allow air entering the engine from the turbo to be trapped in the charge pipe when the throttle body is closed. Instead of the air going back into the turbo and potentially causing damage, the air is expelled through a valve into the atmosphere. The purge valve thus cleans the system and prepares it for the next air charge.

5.- Acquire your guarantee

Turbos are high-stress components, so it鈥檚 crucial that you鈥檙e covered in the event of a malfunction. From lubrication problems to installation errors, components can be compromised and you don鈥檛 want to spend more of your hard-earned money to replace components, so a solid warranty can give you peace of mind knowing your investment is covered.


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