5 tricks to improve the performance of your Windows 10 computer

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With the passage of time it is common that computers start running at a slower speed. This may be due to multiple factors such as accumulation of files, viruses that are affecting the operating system Or too many programs running in the background.

These problems can seriously affect the user experience by causing the computer to freeze unexpectedly.

Here are some tricks to help you improve the performance of your Windows 10 computer:

1. Remove programs that you do not use

The first action to take if a computer is performing less than expected is to eliminate all those programs that are not necessary for the computer and that the user does not use frequently.

All you have to do is access the Windows 10 configuration menu and click on the applications option.

This will redirect you to a new window where you can view a list with all the programs installed on your computer, as well as information such as the space it occupies on the hard drive and when it was installed.

To delete any you just have to click on them and then press the uninstall button.

2. Shortcuts

An aspect little known by users is that when their computer is starting, it must load the files and shortcuts that are located on the desktop.

This means that if you have a Windows desktop cluttered with files, the system will most likely take longer to load.

For this reason it is recommended decrease the number of icons on the screen as much as possible.

3. Automatic start of applications

Another headache for Windows 10 users is the Applications that run when you turn on the computer as they cause it to take longer than usual to load.

To solve this problem, the user must enter the Windows task manager, which is possible by right-clicking on the start bar and selecting the third-to-last option.

Subsequently, it is necessary to press the start option located at the top of the window that will open, this will display a list of programs. At this time the user can make the decision to disable the automatic start of all the applications that you consider are expendable.

4. Malware

The presence of viruses on the computer can be another reason why its performance has deteriorated. To buy if this is the case the user can open Windows Security Center and run a system check to make sure your computer is secure.

To do this, it is necessary to press the start button, located in the lower left corner of the screen, write the word security and click on the application that the system will display.

Then it is necessary to click on the option called virus protection and then select the quick test box to check the status of the hard disk.

5. Free up disk space

The lack of space on the hard disk can affect the performance of the computer for this reason Microsoft included within its operating system a native option to delete files easily and quickly.

To access this program it is necessary to click on start, write cleanmgr and run the program as administrator by right clicking on it. Once it is open we must select the hard disk and press accept so that the application proceeds to scan the disk. When finished it will show a list with all files that can be removed from the system without causing any damage, to do so you just have to press the accept and confirm option.

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