5-year-old boy dies after strong winds toppled a tree over his house and split it in half

The tree fell shortly after 5 a.m. along Glenwood Road.

The tree fell shortly after 5 a.m. along Glenwood Road.

Photo: Gavin Averill / Getty Images

A five year old boy died after strong winds in the Atlanta metro area they knocked down a tree over his house and split it in half, while his mother tried to save him.

The devastated mother of the infant shared to local media a photograph of her deceased son, whom she named only as Zachary and asked not to identify him.

After a couple of days of warm weather around 70 ° F, the Atlanta area faced a cold front breaking through overnight through Monday morning, with high winds and low temperatures.

The tree fell shortly after 5 a.m. along Glenwood Road.

Dekalb County fire and rescue teams rushed to the scene, after receiving a call for help, and discovered that the tree had split the house in half.

A mixture of strong winds combined with heavy rain and muddy conditions caused the tree to fall.

The boy’s mother was initially trapped by the falling tree, but managed to escape without injury.

She was also reportedly seen screaming for her five-year-old son, when rescue teams arrived to try to save him.

“She was walking through the scene when I arrived, but she was obviously in trouble over the loss of her son,” Captain Jaseon Daniels told local station WXGA.

The unidentified mother was too upset to speak to reporters, but allowed a family member to share a photo of her son Zachary, nicknamed Zach.

He would soon have celebrated his sixth birthday, according to the relative.

Hours after the incident, rescue team workers managed to stabilize the tree with heavy equipment, allowing them to retrieve the boy’s body.

They said the night weather would explain why the tree fell.

“During the night we had a pretty good wind and obviously the rain that we have been having on the ground has been very light,” said Daniels.

Zachary died when Storm Frida hit much of the Northeast, with nearly a million people without power and up to 11 inches of snow falling in parts of Maryland.

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