A detainee leaves shooting after Danny Ocean show

A detainee leaves shooting after Danny Ocean show

Five injured and one person dead was the balance thrown after the concert of the Venezuelan Danny Ocean in Morelia, Mexico. Without an official report, El Universal de México published this Saturday that local security agents managed to find one of the alleged perpetrators in opening fire on a crowd. The tragic event occurred at dawn on Saturday, November 26, on the outskirts of the Monumental Bullring of Morelia where the show took place.

Several videos, posted on social networks, reported the panic and stress that was experienced, but there is still no official report that accounts for what happened. In one of those videos, the Venezuelan tries to help people get out of the compound. According to the aforementioned medium, it is seen how Danny Ocean “on the containment fences with outstretched arms helps a young woman to get down from the stands where she was with more people.”

Yesterday, Danny Ocean went to his Twitter account to express his regret at the news. “I don’t understand why these things happen if we came with a message of love! I don’t even know what to say, I’ve never been in this situation. Please take care of yourselves, I am with you. My channels are open for whatever you need. This does not change the love I feel for every corner of Mexico.”

Later the Creole offered more details in a statement posted on Twitter. There he reports that those involved had not attended the show and the show had already finished 20 minutes when the confrontation occurred.

Other details

According to local media, Red Cross paramedics attended to the emergency while local police controlled the situation.

According to El sol de Zamora, the State Attorney General’s Office initiated an Investigation Folder. In addition, he explained that personnel from the Forensic Services and Crime Scene Unit (USPEC) moved to Juan Alvarado street to lift the body. This was found aboard a Ford brand vehicle, Windstar type. He had wounds caused by a gunshot wound.

So far the motive for the armed attack is unknown.

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