A man recorded more than 90 people in a Starbucks bathroom in California with a hidden camera – La Opinion

A man recorded more than 90 people in a Starbucks bathroom in California with a hidden camera – La Opinion

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Going to a cafeteria is an activity that millions of people do every day, and it is not strange that many of them enter the bathroom there, but sometimes the evilness of some people violates the privacy of others, as happened in San José, California, where a man installed a hidden camera in the bathroom of a Starbucks.

An employee discovered the device under a sinkwhich was pointing towards the toilet, the authorities were immediately notified, so detectives from the Sexual Assault Investigations Unit (SAIU) of the San José Police Department began the relevant investigation.

After an exhaustive investigation, detectives determined that There were more than 91 victims of various agesfrom four to 85 years old, who were captured on camera while using the bathroom. The footage obtained was recorded on January 30, 2024 approximately from 9:00 am to 7:00 pm

In a statement, the San José Police Department reported on the investigation and said that The videos are “extremely graphic and contain multiple juvenile victims.”completely exposed.”

After these findings, the next step was to investigate who had hidden the camera in said bathroom, which is how the whereabouts of Louie Juarez Jr.a 35-year-old man, who was described as “a violent predator.”

He stored weapons in his house

The subject’s arrest took place on March 15, and a search warrant was executed at Juárez’s house, where 20 firearms were foundincluding an assault rifle and an unregistered firearm, high-capacity magazines and micro cameras.

The suspect was booked into the Santa Clara County Main Jail for possession of child pornography, installation of a hidden surveillance camera with audio, possession of high-capacity magazines, possession of an assault rifle, and possession of a firearm. registered.

As seen in the images released by the police, among the hidden cameras confiscated by the detectives there is one in the shape of a mini soccer ball.

In this regard, the ABC7 media outlet published a statement issued by a Starbucks spokesperson, who described the incident as “very disturbing” and added that they will continue to collaborate with the authorities.

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