A Nikke ad causes discomfort for negatively representing the Otakus

A Nikke ad causes discomfort for negatively representing the Otakus

An advertisement in Thailand for the popular video game NIKKE: GODDESS OF VICTORY (a sci-fi RPG shooter developed byrLevel Infinite) has caused discomfort and disgust among its otaku players. The ad gives an unpleasant representation in defining what it is to be an otaku fan who loves this type of video game that highlights the female characters and their attributes in a suggestive way.

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A NIKKE advertisement in Thailand causes a sensation among Otakus

The Thai advertisement for NIKKE: GODDESS OF VICTORY it has a duration of 1 minute and 30 seconds where it can be seen that the male protagonist who symbolizes the stereotype of “A fat geek-otaku”he starts doing a lot of lewd actions like wanting to lick the mobile screen and imagining the real life female characters in the video game moving their butts in front of him while shooting their guns.

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The announcement quickly caused a lot of bad reviews in Thailand and for local gamers it is definitely an insult to the community who enjoy this game. Many expressed that they should not have portrayed or represented the players in this way and that the images were overly sexualized giving it an unpleasant aura.

After all, the ad was withdrawn and removed from the official media of NIKKE: GODDESS OF VICTORY in Thailand. Subsequently, a shared release expressing a sincere apology to all players on behalf of the Thai game team for the offensive ad.

[Por favor, perdónenos por el incidente de la publicidad online del 11 de enero].

Dear Commanders.

We have received several comments from players after this announcement was published, stating that the content and presentation of this announcement were inappropriate.

The entire team apologizes for the content or presentation of this ad. This has caused players to feel very uncomfortable or dissatisfied. We admit a lack of care in the presentation of the advertisement that was published. We have withdrawn the announcement from the official channels and social networks in Thailand as well as the insertion of this type of announcements in all the channels of the game.

The team wants to thank all the players for their feedback. We will listen to all the opinions and suggestions of the players to improve and develop the contents. In which the ad format will continue to be improved to promote the game in the future. This includes taking care to avoid displaying inappropriate and sensitive content in all areas

We reiterate our sincere apologies for the incident.



After all the uproar, some netizens rescued the Thai video from NIKKE: GODDESS OF VICTORY and it was shared again on social networks, now going viral for how absurd and ridiculous it looks for representing the community.

It should be remembered that the video game can be downloaded for free on mobile devices, both Android What iOS

synopsis of NIKKE: Goddess of Victory:

NIKKE Goddess of Victory is set in a place where the earth has been destroyed by unidentified weapons. Players will play as an android named “NIKKE” to fight for humanity.

The game makes use of advanced live2D and 2.5D Paper Folding technologies to make characters and battle animations more vivid. The game also supports a cooperative mode, in which players can complete missions with up to 4 players.

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