A sonera ephemeris

A sonera ephemeris

Time passes and memory does not stop, especially when it comes to the preservation and claim of our steps, of the Venezuelan steps in any field and anywhere in the world.

And it was Venezuelan steps that were taken exactly 46 years ago when that unforgettable conference “Son, montuno and guaguancó, and the phenomenon of salsa” was given at the famous Faculty of Architecture of the Central University of Venezuela, which brought to the fore a universe of information to try to understand the salsa phenomenon and also to launch “Los pures” on the air, that is, to Classic Caribbean Soneromade up of Venezuelan soneros who fought to defend a sound that was initially Cuban and then completely Caribbean. Thank you Santiago de Cuba, therefore.

All of this was wisely organized by the architect (Faculty of Architecture, remember) Domingo Álvarez, our respected Flaco Álvarez, who was concerned about the lack of information and training on salsa and its genesis. It was Flaco Álvarez who sought out these musicians, already older and genuine cultists of son montuno. These “pures” made their debut before that crowd so that the Classic Sonero del Caribe was born that day, with Pan con Queso, Carlos Emilio Landaeta, as director, accompanied by other equally well-trained pures, such as Alacran Alejandro Tovar, Johnny Pérez, the unforgettable José Rosario Soto, Pedro Aranda, Agustín León “Pichín” and José Castro. With time, other additions and stories would come.

Here it is not a simple anniversary. No. It is about the ability and nobility of some musicians and a lecturer and researcher who gave the Cuban son its place of reference as a pillar of salsa, which was not the only pillar, but was undoubtedly the most important.
That is the key. The real.


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