Actress of Dr. Strange and her husband, guilty of child abuse

The actress Zara Phythian, Known for participating in the film 鈥楧octor Strange鈥 (2016), and her husband Victor Mark, who is an instructor Martial Arts, were found guilty of sexually abusing a minor, for now the couple will remain in custody while the authorities decide what will be their legal destination.

On the afternoon of last Wednesday, May 11, the judges of the Nottingham Crown Court, in the United Kingdom, Phyrhain and Marke were prosecuted, accused by a woman who assured that in her adolescence They both had sex with her. repeatedly.

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At first the accused age 59 mentioned that his wife of 37 years she was not involved in the sexual assaults, however, prosecutors found enough evidence to blame her as well; Upon hearing the verdict, both hugged each other and cried, at the end the authorities mentioned that the official sentence will be released on next May 16.

Sentenced for several cases

The prosecution commented that 2005 the couple met a 13-year-old girl, with whom several times 鈥渉ad sexual threesomes鈥, This type of internship was carried out for three years; Faced with this argument, Marke assured that he thought that the victim was already of legal age at the time of the encounters, he also commented that his partner was not involved.

In this way, Phythian said in the Court that he never had sexual relations with the then minor, however, the defense of the affected, presented sufficient evidence to verify that his version was real and that, at the time of the abuse, the actress was 20 years and her husband I was 42 years old.

鈥淏oth defendants have denied their actions, instead blaming the victims and accusing them of lying,鈥 said Nicole Hepburn of the Crown Protection Service (CPS), adding: 鈥淭hanks to their evidence, given clearly and credibly in court, the Markes themselves have been exposed as the real liars.鈥

According to international media, the marriage took the process from house arrest until the judge found sufficient elements to bind them, and They stopped them. It was so, that the actress known for being an antagonist in the film Marvel, they were charged 14 charges of sexual activity against a minor.

On the other hand, marke In addition to receiving the same verdict, more accusations were added, since between 2003 and 2005 abused another 15 year old girl, in the end he was found guilty of 18 charges. The two will remain in prison while awaiting their sentence.

鈥淭hey both know that the sentence I hand down on May 16 is likely to be measured for a considerable custody.鈥 Judge Mark Watson said before the spouses were arrested.

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According to the BBC, Hepburn asked all people who have experienced this type of aggression to report it, no matter how long ago it has been: 鈥淭his abuse may have happened a few years ago, but that doesn鈥檛 make it any less serious and it鈥檚 also not an obstacle to justice鈥, (鈥) I would encourage anyone who has suffered abuse in the past to report with the certainty that the CPS Your case will be taken seriously.鈥

Originally posted on The Sun of Puebla

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