Actress of “Pasión de Gavilanes” updated with bad news

Actress of “Pasión de Gavilanes” updated with bad news

Kristina Lilley revealed via Instagram that she was diagnosed with breast cancer again. The New York-born actress gave life to Gabriela Acevedo de Elizondo in the well-remembered Colombian telenovela “Pasión de gavilanes”, broadcast between 2003 and 2004.

The Colombian actress commented in a clip that the diagnosis was given to her two months ago. However, despite her heartbreaking news, she remains calm and has a positive attitude, as she stated to her more than 500,000 followers on the platform.

To bad weather, good face

“Two months ago I was re-diagnosed with breast cancer. Quickly, I had all the exams, the appointment with the surgeon, I had a double mastectomy and now I still have an appointment with the oncologist. I am very well, I am very calm; I am not going to read comments, I am not going to answer opinions, nothing, I just wanted to tell you, “was part of what Kristina commented.

Later, the interpreter urged to have the respective check-up to preserve health. «From this I learn that we are neither strong nor warriors, we are women who accept our vulnerability, our emotions and that is what makes me strong. I also learn that it is important to do a self-examination, take care of yourself and be aware of yourself », she highlighted.

In the legend of the post that he shared on the camera’s social network, he described the news as one of those “difficult moments that are gradually being overcome.”

From 2010

In the comments section, Michel Brown, who played Franco Reyes in “Pasión de gavilanes”, appeared to support his friend and colleague. “I love you lilley from my heart,” he wrote to her.

Unfortunately, this is the third time that Kristina’s cancer has come back. The first occasion took place in 2010, when she was diagnosed with cervical cancer, People en Español magazine detailed in a publication. In past statements about that moment, she said that despite the terror she felt of her, her friends, family and pets helped her overcome her fears and get through the situation gracefully. There is no further information about the first time the disease affected her breasts.

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