Adamari López asked Sebastián Rulli a risky question about Angelique Boyer – El Diario NY

Adamari López asked Sebastián Rulli a risky question about Angelique Boyer – El Diario NY

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Sebastián Rulli and Angelique Boyer revealed details about their characters in the series, as well as the experience of working together again. They both agreed that ‘The Strange Return of Diana Salazar’ is a very special project and different from anything they have done before.

The couple offered an interview on ‘Desiguales’, where they talked about their most recent project, which was also released by ViX. For this reason, Adamari López did not miss the opportunity to ask Rulli a daring question, and she told him: “Do you get jealous if Angelique is with another partner?”

Angelique Boyer and Sebastián have been together for a decade, so he ended up responding: “Personally, nothing because first of all I know her and I also make myself known to my colleagues.” Furthermore, the Puerto Rican woman’s question went viral on social networks in a few seconds.

In addition, the actors talked about their personal relationship and how they manage to separate their work life from their personal life. They assured that they have found a balance and that their love is getting stronger day by day, and what undoubtedly caught their attention was the fact that know that each one in separate houses.

I loved the interview, and the topics they touched on, I liked the topic of the constellations”, “The actors are gorgeous, they are going to be a beautiful novel, congratulations, you are both a couple of beautiful actor husbands”, “What a good interview Not as televised, this should be on TV, not the rubbish of Sabadazo”, “It is unfortunate that they talk about topics created by man and say that it is true”, “Angelique is elegance, balance, peace, harmony, love, simplicity, humility and naturalness no It fits into my head that I can admire Adamari,” were some of the reactions recorded on the YouTube channel.

On the other hand, Rulli and Boyer invited all their followers not to miss the series, promising that they will find an exciting story full of surprises.

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