Adamari López explains the techniques implemented so that “everything slips”

Adamari López explains the techniques implemented so that “everything slips”


The host Adamari López for a few months has expressed the passion she feels for recording content and that her followers end up enjoying it, since she publishes content almost daily, while many of them reiterate that they love the type of material that she constantly uploads .

However, some have expressed their rejection of this type of content, because many end up associating it with part of their past, since several on various occasions have linked it to the end of their love story with Toni Costa, who does more He is with Evelyn Beltrán for one year.

The Puerto Rican in this opportunity wanted to talk about the importance of being a happy person. For this reason, he considers that it is essential to implement some strategies in life that he ended up detailing in the audiovisual shared in the last hours.

“I am going to tell you the four essential oils to be happy in life: oil the crazy, oil the deaf, oil the blind and oil the mute. It does not fail ”, doubles in the shared content.

Oil so that everything slips and we are happy! Which one do you use? I use it all“Was the message that accompanied the publication made.

In turn, the users of the platform took a few seconds to accept the recommendations that Alaïa Costa López’s mother was making. However, one of them highlighted that it seems that she did not apply everything she was saying in that audiovisual.

“I practice it one day at a time”, “That’s good”, “Oil the molt, that’s perfect“,” “I love your TikTok, you are the best, you are an established artist”, “That’s right, let the bad vibes slip”, “You are very right, blessings”, “The best oils, thanks for the recommendation“, “Your video makes you laugh, but the truth is that what you say is very true”, “Obvious but you don’t use them”, “How heavy”, “I’m dying of love with you and your TikToks Adamari! A hug from Madrid”, “Save the words that you will lack sooner or later”, “Another advice for the dragged”, were some of the reactions that were registered in the post.

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