Adamari López proudly shows a new remodeling in her house

Adamari López proudly shows a new remodeling in her house


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This year Adamari López has dedicated herself to making reforms in her house in MiamiFlorida, and each of them has shared them with their followers and other curious people through social networks.

He recently uploaded a video to his Instagram account where shows the before and after of the porch of his house. In the before you can see how the place does not have any type of roof and in the after an installed pergola appears.

In addition to the roof, the porch now It has chairs and some decorations that make the place look more attractive.. Surely now Adamari and a friend will be able to sit in the place to talk.

In the publication, the Puerto Rican wrote: “Tell me that I am not the only one who feels happy when she completes the list of arrangements in the house. What else should she do to him?

All the transformations you have done this year in your home have been thanks to specialized companiesto which he thanks and recommends with his eyes closed.

In the case of the porch, he repeated with the company The Poste Aluminum, who specialize in pergolas, fences and more. This same company was also in charge of install a new fence in the yard of the presenter and months before he installed a large pergola that now serves as a barbecue area.

López shows off this new change in the house a few days after He will show what the Christmas tree he put up this year looks like. at home, where Christmas is very important to little Alaïa.

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