Adamari López undergoes a makeover with Jomari Goyso and they have a close conversation – El Diario NY

Adamari López undergoes a makeover with Jomari Goyso and they have a close conversation – El Diario NY

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Adamari Lopeztelevision presenter, underwent a makeover with Jomari Goyso and in the middle of the process they had an interesting conversation about their lives.

In a video that she uploaded to Facebook, the Puerto Rican host asked the Spaniard some things: “I am here interviewing Jomari to continue getting to know him.”

The famous woman was sitting with some parts of her hair messy due to the work of the Univision presenter, who told her: “Remember that the hairdresser is the one who does the interviews.”

One of the first questions that Adamari López asked his colleague is if he would like to move to Spain or continue with his life in Miami.

“In Spain I don’t see myself, I don’t know why, I don’t know if it’s because one has seen so many things, so much of the world and now returning, I don’t know, I don’t see myself. When I go to Spain, I love it, it fascinates me, but no,” said Goyso.

The beauty expert said that if there is a country he would like to live in, it is Mexico, in a place where there are many ranches.

In addition, he explained that another place that he really likes is Colombia, especially cities like Medellín.

For his part, Adamari López said that he feels he has put down roots in the United States and that is why he believes that when he goes to another place for work, he knows that it will be momentary and he does not see the rest of his life there.

In the interview they also talked about the social work that Jomari Goyso does in the Dominican Republic.

According to what he said, he has taken advantage of the privilege of being on television to help others and that is why he carries out this work with children.

“I have always wanted to focus on this being a privilege to help. I have always realized that because of my position I can help,” she explained.

Although the result of Adamari López’s change was not seen, it was noted that they had a very close and special moment, in which they learned about aspects of each other’s lives and decided to share their experience through social networks.

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