Adriana Fonseca returns to television after missing for years;  This is what it looks like in 2024 |  PHOTO

Adriana Fonseca returns to television after missing for years; This is what it looks like in 2024 | PHOTO


At the end of the 90s and beginning of the 2000s, the face of Adriana Fonseca was frequent in TV soaps. Thanks to her youthful presence in ‘Rosalinda’ (1999), ‘Amigos por siempre’ (2000) and ‘Dare to forget me’ (2001), the Veracruz actress conquered the public with her talent and beauty. However, her retirement from television in 2012 left all of her followers with questions about her new job and her personal life. Now, in 2024, Fonseca will return triumphantly to the small screen, and to the liking of many fans, there are many photos of her in this new facet.

Photo: Instagram via @adrianafonsecaoficial

Adriana Fonseca’s look on her return to soap operas this 2024

It should be remembered that the last TV soaps of Adriana Fonseca were ‘Under the reins of love’ (2007) and the remake of ‘Corazón Valiente’ (2012.) After that, he had a brief participation in ‘My fortune is to love you’ (2021,) but due to the short duration of the footage and to the small role that Adriana played, her passage was almost unnoticed. However, in 2024 and at 45 years of age, Fonseca will return ‘through the front door’ to the TV soapsall thanks to the new TelevisaUnivision production: ‘Dads for convenience.’

In the photos available of this new work by Rosy Ocampo, it is noted that Adriana Fonseca She will play Paulina, a woman who emigrated to the United States after experiencing a complicated situation in Mexico. In the plot, it is explained that Paulina is the wife of Jason (Ernesto Laguardia), a prominent Mexican-American businessman, from whom she has hidden a very crude secret from her past.

Photo: Instagram via @rosyocampooficial

Although there are not many photos of the production itself, the social networks of Adriana Fonseca They confirm her look for 2024. In the opinion of many of her followers, this actress has not changed anything; Or, her years have done him wonders. Preserving a youthful and cheerful air for her ‘outfits,’ the Veracruz native promises to mark a new nostalgic milestone in the TV soapsAfter all, she had already acted as Ernesto Laguardia’s partner in ‘Amigos por Siempre’ 24 years ago.

Photo: Instagram via @adrianafonsecaoficial

He highlighted that in that aforementioned children’s soap opera from the year 2000, Adriana Fonseca she was fired for ‘misbehavior.’ However, the woman from Veracruz clarified that her dismissal occurred after she could not arrive on time for a call at a location, since she had to have taken a plane that took off late. Fortunately for her fans, her return to the TV soaps It is a fact, this time, with a role that promises to be essential.

Photo: Instagram via @adrianafonsecaoficial
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