África Zavala captures attention for her flirtatious dance on TikTok

África Zavala captures attention for her flirtatious dance on TikTok

Africa Zavala

The Mexican actress and model África Zavala has known how to be close to her fans and followers through her social media profiles, where she often shares photos and Videos of your activities related to your profession or even daily.

In a recent video shared on her TikTok profile, África demonstrated that she is very good at dancing Latin rhythms, in the clip, she moves her body to the rhythm of the song “Bomba” by the group Azul Azul from 1999.

Despite the fact that the dance is not suggestive, the 37-year-old model immediately generated reactions from her followers, who were undoubtedly delighted to see her dance flirtatiously, but with a lot of style.

It didn’t take long for the post to be filled with hundreds of flattering comments and thousands of likes, after Africa not only showed its good pace, but also his defined abs product of a healthy diet and exercise.

The ‘Crown of Tears’ actress once again made it clear that she has one of the most spectacular silhouettes in show business, as she also wore a look in which she showed her tiny waist.

África Zavala has taken advantage of social networks, since these platforms allows you to be close to people who admire youTherefore, it always shows a fun side which is liked by all its subscribers.

Zavala is currently participating in the filming of the series ‘Lord of the Skies’, one of the most popular. Despite the fact that the model is very active in her artistic participation, she always takes the time to share a little of their moments that they live on set.

The clip of the song from the end of the 20th century that she dances with a black skirt with flowers and a midriff, was precisely recorded in her dressing room for the series in a moment of rest, making it clear that despite having acting activity, she gives herself the time to consent to your audience through their social profiles.

This happens when they leave me for a long time in the camper #behappy #Animate ”, he added in the description of the short video. The actress also shared some images of the recording on her Instagram profile.

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