After several years of absence, the Mitsubishi Colt returns under a Renault platform

The Mitsubishi Colt will feature a hybrid powertrain according to the image released by the company.

The Mitsubishi Colt will feature a hybrid powertrain according to the image released by the company.

Photo: Mitsubishi / Courtesy

nameplate of mitsubishi colt it has long languished in the desert, last built in 2013 before it was discontinued by the Japanese automaker. However, the Colt will return in 2023, built on a Renault platform.

Renault reveals a teaser image

Details are scarce at this stage, but a teaser image released by the company shows that the vehicle is heavily based on the Renault Cliowith many panels that appear similar or identical to the French car.

Renault Clio
Reanult Clio. / Photo: Courtesy Renault.

Built at Renault plants in Turkey and Slovenia, the Colt is expected to be assembled on the same lines given how closely it resembles the Clio. The main changes appear to be around the front grille, suggesting the changes may be limited to an ID change effort plus some work around the headlights.

Available Hybrid Powertrain

The car features a 鈥淗ybrid EV鈥 badge, suggesting powertrain options for the new vehicle. Mitsubishi has indicated that a hybrid version is on the cards, but has not provided further details. The Renault Clio is available with gasoline engines, as well as the company鈥檚 鈥淓-Tech鈥 hybrid system. The hybrid version features a 1.6-liter four-cylinder engine paired with two electric motors for a total of 145 hp, with fuel economy in excess of 60 mpg. The Clio鈥檚 transmission options are likely to carry over to the Mitsubishi product.

The Colt will seek to position Mitsubishi in Europe

The hope is that the Colt will help Mitsubishi reestablish its presence in Europe. In a statement made on Tuesday, Mitsubishi indicated as much, stating that 鈥渢he new model will significantly increase Mitsubishi Motors鈥 market coverage in the main European segments.鈥. It鈥檚 a drastic change in the company鈥檚 efforts, as Mitsubishi announced it would pull out of the European market in 2020.

    Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross.  / Photo: Mitsubishi.
Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross. / Photo: Mitsubishi.

The Colt may not be sold in the United States

Since the Renault Clio is not sold in the US, it would be unlikely that the Colt would make it to the United States, as federalization costs would be incurred to make such a move a reality. Mitsubishi indicated that there are no current plans to bring the Colt to the US market.

Having an affordable small car on the market will be a key benefit for Mitsubishi. In this way, the Colt comes with the advantage of very low development costs since it is closely related to the Renault Clio. Time will tell if the Colt can help revive Mitsubishi鈥檚 fortunes, which have been flagging of late.


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