After Tesla’s massive layoff, former employee tells how he was notified of his resignation

After Tesla’s massive layoff, former employee tells how he was notified of his resignation

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A couple of weeks ago, the CEO of teslaElon Musk, informed his employees that there would be a mass layoff of more than 10% of his staff globally and they began sending emails individually announcing the resignations. Former employees have raised their voices and complained about how from one day to the next they were simply prevented from accessing the plant where they worked, with one supervisor even explaining how he slept in the parking lot to meet company goals.

This first quarter of 2024, the revenue of tesla have declined due to low demand for their luxury electric cars and increased competition. Given this, his income has been gradually decreasing, as has his shares in the financial market in recent months, which worried Elon Musk, who immediately took action and decided to dispense with his management. This is not the first time that the company has faced a massive personnel cut, the same thing happened in 2019, when they laid off 7% of their global workforce.

As expected, hundreds of former employees took to LinkedIn to express their discontent and request a new job opportunity; although, on the other hand, there were also many others who appreciated the opportunity to collaborate in a great company. Among the professionals who suffered from the consequences are Rebecca Tinucci, senior director of electric vehicle charging; Daniel Ho, director of vehicle programs and new product initiative; as do Rohan Patel and Drew Baglino.


“I slept in the parking lot,” says former employee

Nico Murillo, former employee of teslawas fired a week ago from the company and through LinkedIn he narrated what the day was like when he was notified of his resignation. He explains that on the morning of Monday, April 15, he woke up like every day and at 4:30 am he was trying to access his business computer, however, it had been deactivated. What he assumed would be a problem that he would solve upon his arrival at the company. At 5:00 am, checking his email account while driving his Tesla in automatic mode, he read in a letter the phrase:

“Unfortunately, his position has been eliminated due to restructuring.”

When he arrived at the plant to find out more about it, he was denied entry, which left him even more bewildered. Murillo, who was a production supervisor, explains that he worked since 2019 and that during the almost five years he worked so hard to reach his team’s goals that he did not even come home to sleep and chose to live, eat and sleep in tesla.

“At one point in 2023, I even sacrificed sleeping in my car on workdays just to avoid having to commute to work. I showered at the factory and slept in the parking lot. Microwaved dinner in the break room,” she confesses.

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