Alarming messages, Elon Musk expels Kanye West from Twitter

Alarming messages, Elon Musk expels Kanye West from Twitter

Elon Musk expels Kanye West from Twitter, alarming messages (INSTAGRAM)

Elon Musk kicks Kanye West out of Twitter, alarming messages | INSTAGRAM

apparently the famous rapper AmericanKanye West, found himself in trouble once again, this time with the new owner of Twitter, Elon Muskwho decided to expel him from the platform for having shared an image with a very alarming message.

It is a photo where symbols appear that support certain ideologies that are not very well seen and that in the past were very negative for humanity, therefore it was not at all flattering for the billionaire, who decided to censor it and of course that it will no longer allow you to keep posting stuff like that.

The famous Kim Kardashian’s ex-husband He had more than 30 million followers on said social network and so far we don’t know if one day he will return to his account, but what we do know is that he watered it once again, he does not stop getting into delicate situations and it seems that he did not He has learned nothing from previous experiences.

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And it is that Kanye West has shared his support for quite controversial figures in history, such as the German dictator who was in charge of promoting one of the worst times for the world, continue on Show News so that you continue to find out the best of the entertainment world and interesting situations like today’s.

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