Alba Flores, from “La casa de papel”, will fight to return to the real world

Alba Flores, from “La casa de papel”, will fight to return to the real world

Alba Flores has a new project on her hands. The Spanish actress, who gained international fame by giving life to Nairobi In the series “La casa de papel”, she will be the protagonist of a new science fiction thriller produced by Matt Brodlie and Jonathan Kier, of Upgrade Productions, and the Spanish team Morena Films, reported Deadline.

The 36-year-old artist will also be part of the team of producers of the fiction, which does not yet have an official release date.

According to the aforementioned specialized portal, the series is entitled “Ulterior” and was created by Alex Rodrigo (director of “La casa de papel”) and Manuel Burque, from the series “Vida perfecta”. The plot follows a young singer and influencer who wakes up in a life she doesn’t recognize, in a world where humans are given the opportunity to virtually connect to a simulation of their own existences.

few details

In this scenario, the protagonist Ada must go along with the game in order to return to her real life. To do this, she must accept the help of a mysterious stranger and thus unravel the puzzle of her new existence.

So far, the actors who will make up the rest of the cast have not been announced, or if they have already been chosen.

Producers Brodlie and Kier highlighted to Deadline the unique story nature of Deadline, describing it as a “chilling and complex sci-fi story.” “Manuel Burque and Alex Rodrigo have created a visionary and timely thriller and we are excited to bring their distinct and authentic voices” to international television, they also highlighted.

Alba Flores, who is the granddaughter of the legendary singer Lola Flores, and the niece of Lolita and Rosario Flores, has not commented on the news until now. The interpreter, yes, celebrated a few years ago that Netflix renewed the series “Sagrada familia”, in which she stars together with Najwa Nimri, with whom she shared the cast of the series “Vis a vis”), Carla Campra and Alex García, among others .

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