Alejandra Espinoza surprised with a Christmas tree inspired by ‘Jurassic World’

Alejandra Espinoza surprised with a Christmas tree inspired by ‘Jurassic World’

Alejandra Espinoza likes to celebrate Christmas in style.

Alejandra Espinoza likes to celebrate Christmas in style.

Photo: Paul Morigi/Getty Images

The Mexican Alejandra Espinoza has surprised everyone on social networks with its original Christmas treewhich draws attention for being inspired by the ‘Jurassic World’ movie saga.

This decoration shows her proud right after having declared that she did not like Halloween and that he did not even like that it was held at his son’s school.

“Since October began They have been talking about Halloween at Matteo’s school and there is going to be a party on Friday and Monday and he, since he does not celebrate it, is not going to go. I talked to the teacher and he told me that he was going to be the only child who would not celebrate, but what bothered me the most is that it is a Catholic school and the father told all the children that God would really like to be here, when the true meaning of Halloween is totally different,” he said in a video he shared on his Facebook profile.

But it seems that Christmas is celebrated in style. In the video recently shared by the beauty queen, television presenter and actress, you can see how they build a sphere from scratch to put on the pine treethis sphere is transparent and inside they put an impression with the ‘Jurassic World’ logo.

Then you see the moment when this sphere begins to be part of the Christmas tree that is a traditional green color with a snowy effect. This pine tree was also decorated with more traditional spheres of color, gold, white and black.

Nevertheless, all eyes on this tree are taken by the multiple dinosaurs that come out of it, there is even one at the tip instead of a traditional star or angel.

“If it wasn’t a dinosaur, what else could it be,” Espinoza wrote.

It should be remembered that this year Espinoza lived for a long period of time in Mexico, his native country, but in July he announced that he was returning to his main residence. When he broke this news, Espinoza showed all his followers various details of the apartment in Mexico City where he had been living.

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