Alejandra Guzmán could write a book about her experiences in surgeries to help others

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After overcoming a decade of surgeries, due to polymer injections in his buttocks, after having wanted to increase them in 2009, Alejandra Guzman she plans to write a book with which she can help people avoid the viacrucis that she experienced.

“Yes, I would like to do it because there is no book that talks about it and right now that deception is growing again, there are many things that, if I can help someone, I would do it. That’s why I’ve been talking to doctors who know me, but it’s a topic to talk about medicine too.

I was the first to make it known and that was enough courage to help people and tell them this is what is happening the sad thing is that it continues to happen“, he stated at a press conference.

Throughout her life, the singer has faced health problems, family conflicts and love disappointments, which, she commented, have helped her to get to know herself as a person and find the tools to get ahead, using her compositional talent to translate everything into songs.

Everything happens for a reason and everything that has happened to me in life I face it and learn more about myself. It has served me to remember all that greatness of life that I have had because it has filled me with music, moments, opportunities, wisdom.

“All my mistakes, in the end, I learn from them and that’s why I can write a song about it, instead of shutting it up or hiding it because if you don’t suffer more,” he said.

In these moments of her life, The Queen of Hearts puts aside the love of a couple to focus on self-love.

This has been the result of a long struggle to stay well, mentally stable; partly supported by a neuropsychiatrist.

I don’t have love present right now, It is not my priority and that also comes in the stage that I am living, which is learning to love myself.. I have already hit rock bottom in different areas, I consider that asking for help is great, knowing how to say: ‘ok, I need to be me again,’ to feel joy for life,” said La Guzmán.

On the other hand, in terms of work, the interpreter of “Hacer el Amor con Otro” will perform solo on July 30 at the Arena Ciudad de México, where she will tour a large part of her successes.

Also, in the United States with Pauline Rubio They will be offering the Perrísimas show.

He advanced that it could be possible for them to invite Erik Rubín, the former Timbiriche who caused the rivalry between the singers a few decades ago.

“It would be great if he appeared, I would (I would invite him) but I don’t know if his wife will let him,” he said with a laugh.

I adore Andrea, I love Erik so muchheor I have respected and admired as an artist and in rock everything goes“, he added.

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