Alejandra Guzmán retracts and denies that her mother has senile dementia

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Silvia Pinal’s health has been one of the main trends during the last week of December 2021 as well as at the beginning of 2022. The Mexican gold film diva was hospitalized on December 22 due to low blood pressure and a heart arrhythmia. At the time of hospitalization, They performed a Covid-19 test to which the 91-year-old diva came out positive.

In interviews with the media, Sylvia Pasquel affirmed that her mother was a bit delicate but stable and that the entire family who was in contact with her would undergo tests to rule out or confirm Covid-19 infections.

Even if Silvia Pinal did not develop symptomsoms that put her life at risk, during her stay in the hospital the doctors also pointed out that the famous woman had a urinary tract infection, so after detecting the responsible bacteria they gave her the corresponding medications.

In a meeting with the media, Alejandra Guzmán offered an update on her mother’s state of health, and on board her car she declared.

“It was the doctor’s decision to bring her home, which made her very happy. And it will also help her for her dementia that sometimes she was alone in the hospital “


Immediately, the press took up Alejandra Guzmán’s words, and the news quickly became one of the main trends this Tuesday, January 4 in Mexico.

This Tuesday, January 4, Alejandra Guzmán’s representation agency issued a statement to the media to inform that the singer tested positive for Covid-19 for the second time despite being twice vaccinated.

In the same report, they affirmed that the news of Silvia Pinal’s alleged senile dementia is completely false and the result of a misinterpretation of the words of Alejandra Guzmán.

However, it has been the management agency of ‘La Guzmán’, which has come to the step stopping the speculations of the state of health of Doña Silvia.

“Doña Silvia is 91 years old and what Alejandra tried to explain is that the effect of the Covid has made her feel disoriented at times, which is normal for someone her age. Doña Silvia is strong and the prognosis is good “Agency statement representing Alejandra Guzmán

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