Aleska Génesis on Gaby Espino’s complaint of hacking her: “I wouldn’t be surprised if she is acting under threats from this sick psychopath”

Aleska Génesis on Gaby Espino’s complaint of hacking her: “I wouldn’t be surprised if she is acting under threats from this sick psychopath”

Genesis Aleska Castellanos.

Genesis Aleska Castellanos.

Photo: Génesis Aleska Castellanos / Courtesy

“I would not be surprised if he is acting under threats from this sick psychopath”, this is part of the speech that, on Monday night, Aleska Génesis, published on her social networks where she responds to the complaint she made to him Gaby Espino for wanting to hack her networks

Though He does acknowledge knowing the person who would have tried to close the actress’s account illegallyassures that she has nothing to do with it and that, according to the model, everything is the work of Miguel Mawad.

Let’s remember that this Monday, at midday, Gaby Espino, who until now had never been involved in a scandal, uploaded a video where denounced that a person named Yao Cabrera had been hired by “the Castellanos sisters” (Aleska, Michelle and Bárbara) to hack their Instagram account with almost 13 million followers that she calls her community, and that it took her a lot of work to form.

Gaby assured that although she had never wanted to elaborate on the subject publicly, she is doing so legallyand that soon their lawyers will proceed against the previously accused.

Later the model Ninoska Vazquez joined, who assured that the Yao and the Castellanos sisters (although she avoided naming them) were also trying to do the same to her with their networks..

As we tell you, We tried to contact Aleska Génesis to find out her version of this story, but she assured, via her Instastory, that at 7 pm she would give a statement. It was 3 hours later, when he uploaded a video, where he never used the proper names of Gaby Espino or Miguel Mawad, he only referred to “My ex” and “his current partner”Y She seemed to have memorized a letter, perhaps advised by her lawyers, saying the following:

It saddens me to see how people inadvertently fall into the game of this manipulatorwhere many of his acts have been public and I have received non-stop physical attacks, threats, psychological and cyber bullying… On this occasion cSince he has run out of arguments and it has been shown that he is a mythomaniac, he is using the image of his current partner to discredit me and accuse me of a meaningless act, trying to divert attention, again, with the same thing that according to me I’m trying to close someone else’s account.

First he tried to make a montage that even a 3-year-old would do, with a screenshot of a supposed platform in which, according to him, I paid a ridiculous amount of 300 thousand dollars. Since that didn’t work for him, They are trying to make it look like I hired a hacker, this guy Yao, assuring that I hired his services for that purpose. That is false.

that guy Yao was looking for me several months ago to offer me his influencer service and work with his organic services influencer group and I realized that it was all a scam, because he wrote to people using my image to say that he verified my account and managed my social networks and thus scammed meThat’s why I had my differences with him because I let him know he was a scammer and a liar. And I’m not surprised that He is right now with my ex making up all this because he doesn’t know what to blame me anymore.

Sirs, I’m not interested in closing anyone’s account, for what, what do I gain with that, not even him with all the crap he has published. It is very sad how people continue to fall for this and lend themselves to this type of show that he organizes himself.

I don’t want to speculate, but I wouldn’t be surprised if she is going through the same thing that I went through and that she is acting under threats from this sick psychopath or unfortunately she is lending herself to this, to make this public accusation without evidence which she will have to prove legally.

And I respond this way immediately because I decided not to keep quiet for one more second about the mistreatment and attempted harassment to which you, as public figures, are lending yourself. Thank you”.

What will happen after both declarations? Both Gaby and Aleska talk about the legal way to prove who is right, and which of the two has the evidence to verify who is telling the truth. On the other hand, Mawad, who is the center of this story, the ex of both, shared some messages that the model would have had with the Uruguayan hacker and Youtuber when she would have hired him for this “little job”.

Tomorrow Tuesday, Mawad assured that he will give an interview where he will tell and show everything. While Aleska assures that all this is an invention of her ex to cover up the physical and psychological acts of violence to which she would subject her even to date.



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