Aleska Génesis poses from behind and shows her rear guard on a paradisiacal beach

Aleska Génesis poses from behind and shows her rear guard on a paradisiacal beach

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The model Aleska Génesis at the beginning of November was involved in a controversy after a video was leaked where she allegedly he would have been doing “witchcraft” to his ex, Nicky Jam. Since then, other details have been leaking, but this has not been an impediment to moving forward.

In turn, on her Instagram profile, she shared several photos where she looks quite sensual and in a two-part swimsuit that leaves little to the imagination of her followers. Also, He posed on his back to show his rear And so, she let it be known that there is a promotion code for those women who want to buy a beach look.

Hello my loves I have a Christmas present for you. If you use the code “ALESKAGENESIS” you will get a 20% discount on all swimsuits from @seseorg. Which is your favorite?” Was the message that accompanied the publication.

In turn, the comments on the publication did not wait and almost a thousand people took a few seconds to make their opinion known for the eight images that she decided to share over the weekend.

Hundreds of users highlighted that she is a “beautiful” womanas well as others mentioned that they must diet to have that body and be able to wear that type of swimsuit like the one she wears in the images. However, another asked if there was some kind of promotion for the perfume she was promoting.

“They threw dirt on it and flowers grew”, “Winning as always”, “How beautiful I see you and feel you! Let’s go for more”, “You don’t drink Coca-Cola, do you? Oh God, what a body”, “The most beautiful”, “You are something else“, “I need that body first to be able to wear that bathing suit”, “And discount on the perfume?”, “Chama, you go too far, you have a few tormented for good reason”, “And the envious ones enlarging the photo to see if They find a groove, a stain, a thing”, “Chama, I already spent my perfume coppers”, “Chama, spectacular in all”, “A queen if you ask me”, “Spectacular as always”, were some of the expressions that were recorded in the post.

As usual, the impressions of what someone shares on their social networks generally cause some kind of division and, due to the controversy in which it was submerged a month ago, Internet users did not let it go. Therefore, they said:What a pity that she is such a beautiful and freaky woman”.

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