Alexa Dellanos exhibits her tempting curves in a printed mini-bikini

Alexa Dellanos exhibits her tempting curves in a printed mini-bikini

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Alexa Dellanos For some time now, she has become a true expert who knows how to set social networks on fire with her daring posts. Beyond being a fashion and lifestyle influencer, it’s in the blood to be a sexy woman who has no qualms when it comes to showing his attributes in the best way.

On this occasion, the daughter of the journalist Myrka Dellanos shared an image to delight the pupil of her 10.2 million Instagram fans, in which she appears posing sitting in a fountain in Miami, Florida, wearing a printed mini bikini that allows a good part of her tempting curves to be appreciated.

“I love feeling like a mermaid 💛”, wrote the sexy young woman in the photograph, who in just a few hours has achieved 237,000 red hearts and hundreds of compliments.

Alexa Dellanos loves to have fun and go to the best nightclubs, which is why she also shared a video on her Instagram stories where she admires her statuesque figure sheathed in a black vinyl minidress. After putting on her dark glasses she asks a friend to dance with her, both looking very lively.

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