Alfredo Adame underwent cosmetic surgery a few days after recording a reality show in Thailand – El Diario NY

Alfredo Adame underwent cosmetic surgery a few days after recording a reality show in Thailand – El Diario NY

Alfredo Adame 4

The Mexican actor Alfredo Adame He appeared on his Instagram account with a bandage on his face, which caused concern among his fans. However, she is in good health and it was only an operation that was done to reduce her double chin.

In the publication he made, the ‘Golden Boy’, as he calls himself, told several details about his life after having participated in the reality show on the Telemundo television network.

First, he congratulated Maripily Rivera for having conquered the public and won the $200,000 final prize of the reality television competition this week.

Alfredo Adame undergoes new surgery

“Hello, how are you friends, how are you? Congratulations, Puerto Rico on the victory of Maripily”said.

Then, he sent a few words to the “Boricua hurricane”, who was received on the island by his fans: “To you, Maripily, my best wishes, how good that you won, I congratulate you, and to all of Puerto Rico, well a hug for being so positive for having supported Maripily.”

Subsequently, Alfredo Adame gave details of the projects he will be involved in soon: “I’m going to Thailand right now, I’m going first to Amsterdam, then to Bangkok and another city. I’m on a reality show that’s miserable, where they give you a dollar to eat a day, where you can sleep outside, and everything, but hey, that’s what I like.”

As if that were not enough, the controversial artist said that they will continue to see him on the Telemundo screen, since he will be in other relevant productions of the network: “I am already confirmed for Telemundo’s ‘Los 50’, on June 25 I start it and also confirmed for ‘La Casa de los Famosos All Star’.”

Alfredo Adame has opted for the reality format so that his audience continues to watch it. In the recent season of ‘La Casa de los Famosos 4’ it did not last as long as was thought, but what was a fact is that his strong character and harsh messages earned him several controversies within the program.

After his elimination he was a panelist, also having good receptivity among the public, thanks to his comments full of sarcasm.

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