Alicia Machado shows off her voluptuous ‘boobies’ with a lace bra

Alicia Machado shows off her voluptuous ‘boobies’ with a lace bra

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The Venezuelan Alicia Machado never stops surprising her followers on the social network Instagram with the amount of provocative content she constantly shares on the platform. Furthermore, it was in this way that she decided to stump many of them.

Miss Universe 1996 wanted to share with her almost two million Internet users how important she considers having a friendship relationship that can also contribute things in the life of each person. Also, that you see the opportunity to put fear aside to act.

the actress too surprised with a radical change of look, Because now she has brown hair and she made the determination to stop being blonde. In addition, she took the opportunity to get a cut and thus modify the style that she had.

If you have a friend with whom you can play to change your life, to live intensely and with whom you can dare to take risks, feel very lucky.… for everything else it’s #mastercard. Thank you my guera for your talent and your friendship. A fun and productive afternoon”, was the message that accompanied the publication.

In turn, the publication generated countless comments from the users it has on the platform. For this reason, many came to highlight that both turn out to be very beautiful women, while reflecting that it shows that there is a true friendship between them.

“Beautiful”, “I would love to have a session with Katty”, “Having you as a friend is a blessing”, “Beautiful”, “May your spirits rise”, “Both are beautiful”, “Katty is a great photographer!! We love the photos that she took of you a year ago ”,“ Nothing more with the bts we had, we know that those photos will be BRUTAL ”“That color and cut looks spectacular on you”, “How beautiful that look is on you”, “It reflects the friendship between you”, “The photos are going to be spectacular”, “It is very nice that your friend takes such photos of you Brutal”, “You look beautiful, but even more with the other hair color”, were some of the expressions that were recorded in the post.

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