Alicia Machado: Telemundo followers say they don’t like her in any of her facets

Alicia Machado is not liked by many.

Alicia Machado is not liked by many.

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Alicia Machado despite having won the hearts of hundreds of people since she participated in the first season of La Casa de Los Famososwhich won, is still not to the liking of many. In a publication that Telemundo recently made on its Instagram account, some people expressed that they do not like the former Miss Universe, in any facet that she performs.

鈥淎s a presenter, model or actress, what is the facet of Alicia Machado that you like the most?鈥 They wrote on Telemundo鈥檚 Instagram account Along with a photograph of the day the Venezuelan visited La Mesa Caliente, the channel鈥檚 new program hosted by Myrka Dellanos, Giselle Blondet, Ver贸nica Bastos and Alix Aspe.

鈥淣one鈥, was the answer that was repeated the most in the comments of the publication that so far has more than 8,500 likes. 鈥淣one, it鈥檚 terrible鈥, 鈥淣one of the above鈥, 鈥淣one, and it鈥檚 very confusing鈥, and 鈥淩eally, none鈥 can be read between the messages.

Despite these comments, the publication also highlights the words of her loyal fans, who stated what her favorite facets of the Venezuelan are:

鈥淎ctress and singer. Please, a novel/series where she is the protagonist and who sings the main theme. Go! This woman is very talented and she is a genuine human being, she showed it herself in #LCDLF鈥, 鈥淚n any of the three, she performs excellently, but obviously she deserves a leading role in the performance鈥, 鈥淎ctress, singer, model all!!!鈥, 鈥淏oth facets of presenter must be very funny, she should be next to of Adamari L贸pez that would be great 鈥.

On his visit to La Mesa Caliente Alicia Machado revealed that the months she has lived after winning La Casa de los Famosos have been complicated due to the success she has had to face.

鈥淵ou obtained that triumph that we all lived with you and you changed for many the stigma that existed of Alicia Machado, the controversial, problematic woman. That house allowed us to get to know you as you really were: how did your life change from all this, how have these months been?鈥, Was the question that Ver贸nica Bastos asked him.

鈥淭hey have been very complicated because we always prepare ourselves for failure, but sometimes you don鈥檛 prepare for success and success can also be very overwhelming for those who receive it. Because I did not plan to earn the love and affection of people, I did not plan it, and if I earned it, it is because surely my way of being and my way of seeing life empathizes with billions of people and that is my success , that is what I have had to reflect on and begin to do yoga and understand that鈥, expressed Machado.

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