All a success! ‘Jaripeo sin Fronteras’ by Pepe, 脕ngela and Leonardo Aguilar in CDMX

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Each place that the Aguilar Dynasty visits is a sure success, despite the fact that they can be quite a challenge such as Mexico City, which has been difficult on several occasions, complicated by the multiple options that there are for events, but this it was not a problem for the famous artists, Pepe, Angela and leonardo eagler, who together with Antonio Aguilar Jr made an excellent presentation.

The first to appear in the arena was Leonardo Aguilar, who was surprised by his repertoire of more than 5 melodies, including Sentimental by Joan Sebastian, a song that seemed like they couldn鈥檛 sing after what Jos茅 Manuel Figueroa said, who pointed out that the His father鈥檚 songs were in a dispute over record companies, but despite this detail, Pepe鈥檚 son gave an excellent performance, demonstrating not only a great mastery of his horses, including 鈥淓l Oro鈥, but also of the stage as well as of your voice.

For the second presentation, the experience was heard with Don Antonio Aguilar Jr, who with a repertoire with the successes of his father, as well as the great Mexican composer, Jos茅 Alfredo Jim茅nez as 鈥淐aminos de Guanajuato鈥 lit up the venue of the Mexican capital, In addition to the jokes to the public, they made their participation even more endearing.

Then it was the turn of the 鈥淧rincess of the Mexican Regional鈥, who, unlike other occasions, was seen to be tense and at times very agitated, especially after starting her participation with 鈥淟a Basurita鈥 on top of her famous horse 鈥淓l Troyano鈥. which is a jet black that falls in love with more than one, and that she has already mastered, but after this song, when interpreting her most recent hit 鈥淲herever I am鈥, she was seen with some respiratory problems that did not let her give his best performance on this starry night in Mexico City.

But it was after the song that launched her to fame 鈥淟lorona鈥, that 脕ngela finally relaxed in the final stretch of her participation and the rest of the songs were very good like the success of Selena Quintanilla 鈥淐omo la flor鈥, which put more than one of the attendees to sing, as well as its melody of 鈥淓n Realidad鈥.

While the person in charge of closing the night was Pepe Aguilar, who not only looked comfortable, but also managed to break down the barriers of the capital鈥檚 public, who were difficult at times in terms of applause, and nobody could resist singing his hits like 鈥淢e vas a strange鈥, 鈥淔orgive me鈥 or 鈥淢i Credo鈥, among others.

But without a doubt the most emotional moment of the night was when Pepe and 脕ngela sang a duet of one of their greatest hits 鈥淭u Sangre en mi cuerpo鈥, where more than one attendee sobbed as it was a song dedicated to parents.

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