Altered woman meme and the cat hides a history of domestic violence. we tell you

Although it has been shared thousands of times, the meme of the woman claiming a cat has a black past. It contains the moment of breakdown of a relationship involved in domestic violence, that not even with the fortune and power that the protagonists had could free them from that abyss, whose only apparent solution could have been separation, although death came first.

The image dates back to 2010 during the filming of the American reality show The Real Housewives of Beverly Hillsa series that during its 13 seasons tried to delve into the lives of famous and wealthy women who lived in that Californian city.

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Taylor Armstrong became the main character of this series, until the third season. She was born in Kansas on August 10, 1971, in 2005 she married businessman Russel Armstrong, which would become a relationship full of emotional and physical abuse with a fatal disagreement.

It was in the midst of this martyrdom that Taylor鈥檚 marriage became that she exploded in anger, being questioned about the physical violence of which some members of the reality show presumed she was a victim.

During the Brandi鈥檚 Friend House episode of the second season, Taylor and Camille Grammer starred in a heated argument, in which alcohol could have been one of the triggers, added to the emotional damage from the domestic violence she suffered, and of which he spoke until years later in his book 鈥淭aylor Amstrong hiding from reality鈥 or Hide in reality.

Previously, Grammer had exhibited Taylor in front of cameras daring to question her and asking her to admit the constant physical abuse of which she was a victim in her mansion in Beverly Hills, which would have even caused her to fracture her jaw. Given this background, Taylor suffered a mental collapse that made her explode at her questions.

When this case of domestic abuse was made public, Taylor filed for divorce from Russel Armstrong, with whom he had five children. Barely a month after the request, Russel鈥檚 body was found lifeless in his mansion, to which he returned only so that it was there where Taylor found his body, because after the separation process began he chose to go live with a friend. .

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It was not until February 2012 that Taylor decided to talk about the five violent years that accompanied her marriage and how difficult it was for her to be able to ask for help, despite the violence that even led her to the operating room. Now, through her testimony, she tries to help other abused women who could be hidden in the false gloss of luxurious mansions.

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