Amber Heard did not make promised donation after divorce and Elon Musk paid part of the debt

Amber Heard Y Johnny Depp they lived one more day inside their legal battleone that was mainly focused on the earnings they have and certain economic movements that arose after the couple divorced.

In particular, the Virginia Court reviewed what happened with a donation that the actress pledged to perform at American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU, for its acronym in English) with part of the proceeds received from the divorce.

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Although it was confirmed that Elon Musk will not be part of the trial, on this occasion his name was spoken again by witnesses and lawyers, by becoming financially involved to rescue Heard with this particular debt.


During the trial there was Terence Dougherty as a witness, who is ACLU general counselan organization for which Amber Heard was an ambassador and to which promised a donation of 3.5 million dollars in 2016.

The actress would have promised to pay this amount to help them in their fight to combat violence against womenbut than promised they only received the amount of 1.3 million dollars and, the curious thing is that 500 thousand dollars of them were paid for by Elon Musk.

After her divorce from Johnny Depp in 2016, Heard received compensation for seven million dollars, which said that I would donate in full: half to this Civil Liberties organization and the remainder to Children鈥檚 Hospital Los Angeles.

Dougherty, as a representative of the organization, detailed how the payments were made since then upon arrival 350 thousand dollars from an account of the actress, 100 thousand dollars from Johnny Depp, 350 thousand dollars of a company investment fund fidelity which came anonymously, but is expected to be from Heard and the 500 thousand from a Musk company called Vanguard.

The The last of these payments was made in 2019 and since then they did not receive more when they found out that the actress was going through financial difficulties. Also, in some emails with people from Elon Musk, they received a response that the actress had understood that payment would be made within 10 years.

The actress argued that yes I intended to make the paymentbut that he needed that liquidity to pay his lawyers鈥 fees as well as for the divorce agreement.


In his testimony, the counselor of the organization stated that they helped Amber Heard write the article on which the lawsuit focuses and which was published in 2018 by The Washington Post and where the actress told how she had overcome domestic violence that suffered.

robin shulmancommunications strategist for the ACLU, was the one who wrote the article in November 2018, a month before it was published, according to Dougherty. In an email Shulman stated that met 鈥渢he fire and anger鈥 of the actress to convert it to writing.

Also, in a second message, he explained that the organization鈥檚 lawyers would review the text to verify the way in which he had alluded to his failed marriage with Johnny Depp. The organization鈥檚 communication department also contacted The Washington Post about the publication and noted, 鈥淎s you know, Johnny Depp hit Amber Heard during his brief marriage.鈥

鈥淢s. Heard spoke with such clarity and expertise on gender-based violence issues that they decided she would be an appropriate person to ask to become an ACLU ambassador,鈥 the witness noted.

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The ACLU before sending the item Amber Heard he also considered publishing it on sites like The New York times, Teen Vogue, and USA Today. Likewise, his intention was release the item at the same time as the Aquaman movie in which the actress participated to have a greater impact, but it was discarded.

Originally posted on The Sun of Puebla

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