América beat the New England Revolution 0-4 on a field day and is one step away from the Concachampions semifinals – La Opinion

América beat the New England Revolution 0-4 on a field day and is one step away from the Concachampions semifinals – La Opinion

The Eagles of America arrived in Boston and took what the New England Revolution allowed them in the first leg of the Concachampions quarterfinals and the Americanists not only held their hands, but also held their own by giving the North American team a resounding 0-4 victory to practically place themselves in the semifinal phase of the regional tournament of the North, Central America and Caribbean Confederation.

América did not even have to break their hair to overcome the American team and with goals from Henry Martín, Alejandro Zendejas, Cristian Calderón and the Uruguayan Brian Rodríguez, without the ability to respond from an opponent who did not know how to take advantage of the environmental conditions and synthetic grass in their favor.

The American victory, in addition, is the first victory in the history of this competition by a Mexican team over one from the MLS. In other words, América’s 0-4 victory over the New England Revolution marked a milestone with such a big difference in favor of a Mexican team on foreign soil.

It only took the team led by the Brazilian André Jardine 16 minutes to adapt to the playing field and with a goal from “La Bomba” Martín, they began to create the loose scoreboard that materially did so without having a response from an opponent who began the hostilities with many precautions and in sin they carried out penance.

Maybe we are exaggerating, but América, after Alejandro Zendejas’ goal in the 24th minute, began to play conservatively, but even then their opponents couldn’t respond, as they had a hard time moving the ball from their defense to Luis Malagón’s goal.

To give a dimension of what happened in 50 minutes of the match, América goalkeeper Luis Malagón had such a quiet night that the only dangerous advance on his goal was a rebound from defender Israel Reyes, who crashed into the humanity of his companion.

Those from New England wanted to respond, but neither Argentine Tomás Chancalay, nor Giacomo Vrioni, as well as the rest of their teammates, had the lights to be able to respond up front and cause damage to the Mexican eleven, but they really left a lot to be desired.

For the second half, Cristian Calderón at minute 63 made it 0-3 and with this they left the locals breathless who were looking to put the Americanists in trouble. Even America pushed a little harder and with the entry of the Chilean Diego Valdés and the Uruguayan Brian Rodríguez, they were the factors in sealing the 0-4 win in this duel, whose winner will face whoever wins between Herediano of Costa Rica and the Tuzos of Pachuca.

América’s victory was far from the highest score among rivals from Major League Soccer (MLS) and Liga MX, in the Concachampions tournament that belongs to Cruz Azul when in 1996 they beat the Seattle Sounders 11-0, in the moments when distances were still distant.

Imago 1483846
The América players had many things to celebrate like in the classic against Chivas. The happiness of Henry Martín, Israel Reyes and Brian Rodríguez is justified after the 0-4 win over New England Revolution in the first leg of the Concachampions quarterfinals. Photo Juan Carlos Nuñez Cubeyro/Imago7.

On that occasion, Carlos Hermosillo and the Paraguayan Julio César Yegros were present on the scoreboard, with three goals, as well as scores from Juan Palencia, Héctor Adomaitis, Francisco Ramírez and Benjamín Galindo, in addition to an own goal, to give shape to this scandalous marker.

Now the distances have been reduced, but even with all that, Pachuca scored half a dozen goals against the Philadelphia Union, in the round of 16 of the current Concacaf championship, which shows that the Mexican teams continue to maintain control.

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