América fans throw away their shirts to enter the Azul Stadium;  are required – 24 Hours

América fans throw away their shirts to enter the Azul Stadium; are required – 24 Hours

Outrageous! Amateurs of Blue Cross they force fans of the America to throw away their t-shirts to enter the Blue Stadium.

On the night of this Thursday, May 23, the first part of the final of the “Young Classic” took place, and although things were “connected”, since the match did not go beyond a draw, despite the fact that the azulcremas They had several goal-threatening plays, prior to the heart-stopping game, an event occurred that outraged the “cement workers.”

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The above is due to the fact that Cruz Azul fans forced an América fan and his son to take off their Águilas shirts and throw them in the trash, to enter through the main door of the stadium, where several fans of the Azul team were congregating.

In a clip that was released by the daily recordyou can see how Father and son with the emotion of seeing their team play a great game in order to take the “15”, lived moments of anguish after taking off their jersey, which is why they were left shirtless for a few minutes.

However, in order to safeguard the integrity of both fans, the stadium security people allowed them to enter with black and white t-shirts, after throwing away their clothing, which the light blue fans shouted:

“Burn them!”… “This was not your access, they were told,” claims one of the celestial pamboleros.

Without reaching adulthood, the azulcrema father, despite the fear that something was going to happen to him and his son, finally managed to enter the stadium with his son.

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As expected, the video quickly went viral due to the fact that it outraged not only the fans of the Águilas but also of Cruz Azul, due to the violent act they carried out against a father and his son, who at no time were rude to him. opposite team. So you read comments like:

“You can’t go to those extremes, in Mexico soccer is still a family sport, take care of that”

“Naaaaah what a little mother.”

“Well, what’s the point of this public humiliation?”

“He goes with his son, don’t suck!! It’s just a sport.”

“What’s up, that’s not done, I’m from Azul, they deserve my respect, that’s why brawls and lawsuits are made, this is gang sport.”


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