America ties the record for goals disallowed since the VAR arrived in a match that ended in an attempted fight – La Opinión

America ties the record for goals disallowed since the VAR arrived in a match that ended in an attempted fight – La Opinión

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The duel between América and Cruz Azul ended hotly and with an outbreak of anger. The victory was won by the Eagles by the slightest differencebut the spotlights were taken away Julian Quiñoneswho participated in four goals that were annulled by the azulcremas, in addition to scoring the goal that did count.

The naturalized Mexican Colombian striker opened the scoring just in the 3rd minute of the game when he received a first-intention assist from Henry Martin in three quarters of the field and beat the defenders, taking the ball to the large area, from where he shot the light blue goalkeeper Kevin Mier with a cross shot.

The four goals disallowed against América

Then began the disallowed goals fair to America, curiouslyall of them were in the first half and Julián Quiñones intervened in all of them.

The first came four minutes after the goal, when Quiñones finished with a header at the height of the penalty area; however, was invalidated after the VAR review for an offside of the Colombian.

The second came in the 14th minute of play, when after a series of rebounds, the same Quiñones sent a cross that Diego Valdés sent to the back of the netbut again Quiñones was ahead; On this occasion, immediately the central whistler Óscar Mejía and his assistant referee noticed the misplacement, so They did not have to resort to VAR.

The third happened in the 20th minute, when after a corner kick from a blackboard play, Henry Martín with a header left the ball alone for Quiñones in the small area and he only had to push the ball into the back of the goal, but also It was annulled after the VAR review due to an advanced position by Henry Martín.

Finally, the fourth disallowed goal came in the 43rd minute, when again after a corner kick, A recent header left Quiñones alone on the edge of the six-yard box, who scored again, but he did it again in forward position. In this play, both the central referee and the assistant agreed to invalidate the play, so there was no VAR.

It is worth mentioning that, in the four disallowed goals, after watching the replays, it can be seen that the referee decisions were correct, since none of them look “tight”, as happens on other occasions, here All advanced positions were clear.

The controversy over the card to Carlos Rodríguez

The play that was doubtful in the game was a foul committed by Carlos Rodríguez, an “iron” on the American defender Salvador Rodríguez.

This happened at minute 40 and Cruz Azul was able to stay with one man less for more than half of the game, but the whistler Mejía only declared a yellow cardwhich unleashed the discontent of the American players and fans, who by then had already suffered the annulment of three goals.

The match ended in a fight

After the final whistle and the official defeat of Cruz Azul, there was an outbreak of anger between the players and the coaching staff, in which the assistants from both squads got into an argument, which was later joined by the “Cabecita” Rodríguezformer cementeros footballer who now defends the azulcrema shirt, who He even pushed one of his rivals and then there were verbal attacksuntil the light blue coach Martín Anselmi arrived to calm things down and keep his players away.

The world record for disallowed goals that America equaled

The four goals disallowed against the Eagles equaled a world record since VAR appeared in 2016, in the Club World Cup.

And it is that The azulcrema team tied the record set by Sassuolo in their away match against Napoli in Serie A in 2020, where they suffered four goals disallowed in Naples.

The difference is that in the Italian match the VAR intervened on all four occasions, while in the Liga MX match the central referee only requested video review in two of the plays.

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