América with Quiñones and Chivas without “Chicharito”, in the lineups for the National Classic – La Opinión

América with Quiñones and Chivas without “Chicharito”, in the lineups for the National Classic – La Opinión

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Forward Julián Quiñones will take the field in América’s starting eleven, Not so Javier “Chicharito” Hernández in the Chivas attack in the umpteenth edition of the National Classic and where the Sacred Flock will have as a great novelty the presence of Fernando “Oso” González at the site of Erick Gutiérrez who was injured in the first leg.

The presence of Quiñones is logical after the Dutch Javairo Dilrosun did not have an impact on the starting team in last Wednesday’s game, while with the Rebaño Sagrado it was thought that “Chicharito” would have the option to start taking into account that Chivas needs goals to advance to the grand final and any draw leaves them out of the competition.

While Fernando “Oso” González will remain in Guadalajara’s starting eleven after he came on as a substitute in place of the injured Erick Gutiérrez and the rest will remain as before in the league for the title.

América will take the field with Luis Malagón in goal; Israel Reyes, Ramón Juárez, Igor Lichnovsky and Christian Calderón in defense; Jonathan dos Santos, Álvaro Fidalgo, Alejandro Zendejas and Diego Valdés in midfield, while Henry Martín and Julián Quiñones will appear in attack.

While with Chivas the initial draw will be with José Rangel in goal; Alan Mozo, Gilberto Sepúlveda, Jesús Orozco and José Castillo at the back; Víctor Guzmán, Fernando Beltrán, Pavel Pérez and Fernando González in the midfield and in the attack Roberto Alvarado and Ricardo Marín.

With these movements, both teams will try to get a ticket to the grand final, where América starts as a favorite due to the 0-0 score in the first leg and due to its position in the table in the regular tournament. While Chivas will have to take risks in search of a victory by any score, since a draw with any result will give the Americans a pass.

The reality is that whoever plays, this match is part of a great rivalry in game 191 of the regular tournament and league where the advantage is only four victories on the part of América, which has 67 wins to 63 for Chivas and 60 draws. Therefore, both teams will have the opportunity to show who is currently the best.

It is true that Chivas has an advantage in semi-final games in the history of the leagues where it has won three times to América’s two, perhaps the two most painful being in the 1982-83 season, when the Sacred Flock got out of the way of the title to the super favorite América, who with 61 points in the regular phase led by Chilean Carlos Reinoso, hoped to consolidate their numbers with the title.

But Chivas came out to raffle it off and despite the victory in the first leg with a score of 1-2, in the second leg at the Azteca they won 3-0 to advance to the grand final, while the second time was in the Clausura tournament 2023 when Chivas eliminated Chivas with an aggregate score of 3-2.

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