American passport fair in March: These are the venues and dates to process it in the US

American passport fair in March: These are the venues and dates to process it in the US

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Due to the high demand for American citizens who do not have their passport and who wish to carry out the corresponding procedure to obtain it, the Department of State, through its Office of Consular Affairs, announced that several named events will be held. “passport fairs” in various parts of the American Union so that the citizens can apply for this accreditation.

The passport fairs They will be held in public buildings such as government offices and libraries. At these events, those interested in obtaining their US passport will also be advised regarding the process they must follow and how they should apply for it if they are completing the issue for the first time. The request for this document is made through Form DS-11 when it is the first time of the request, to renew it, the citizen American can make the request by mail.

It is important to note that the passport acceptance centers are not in charge of issuing the document, this office is in charge of collecting the documents and requirements necessary to complete a file and send it to the Department of State of USA. If you require a passport In less time due to an emergency, the interested party will be able to attend one of the 26 offices available to carry out the procedure. There are some offices that even offer service to the public during weekends.

Process your US passport, these are the requirements

To request your American passport You must fill out Form DS-11 online, do not forget to have the document that contains your social security number, then go to a passport office, take into account that some require an appointment to provide you with assistance. At the office you will be asked to present identification and proof of American citizenship (it can be a birth certificate or certificate of naturalization or citizenship) and proof of payment. The process of your Procedure You can also track it online.

For people over 16 years of age the current rate of the Procedure is as follows: booklet – 130 dollars, card-30 dollars, booklet and card 160 dollars, this cost is covered only by the document, to this price 35 dollars must be added for processing costs. The cost of the book and the card for applicants Procedure renewal fee is the same, $160 must be paid to obtain both documents.

If you want to obtain information about the places and dates where the fairs of the American passport You can access the page of the Office of Consular Affairs, there you will find the headquarters by state and the calendar of events for the following months. Remember that this Procedure is to request or renew the American passportcan only be processed by citizens of the United States.

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