American School student exposes cancellation of his eurotrip;  goes viral – 24 Hours

American School student exposes cancellation of his eurotrip; goes viral – 24 Hours

The audio of a video went viral on social networks. student of the American school who had their cancellation eurotrip.

Through TikTok, the audio of a student crying because her eurotip—a trip to Europe—was canceled after a video of the Oscars—a party organized by the students—was broadcast.

According to testimonies from said school, at this party, which is a “parody” of the movie ‘What Happened Yesterday’, for which the sale of tickets had already been prohibited within the facilities, there is a lot of lack of control, due to the consumption of drinks. intoxicants and even the alleged consumption of narcotics.

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The same ones that incite “inappropriate” behavior in minors, to whom they give superlatives (comparative excellence, expresses the characteristic to its maximum degree) by the value of how attractive you are or even your social status.

Therefore, it even reflects the classism that exists between people with more purchasing power, among those with less.

What was outrageous not only among Internet users, but also among the school authorities and parents, who did not expect the young people to carry out this type of act, since even in the video there are teenagers who appear naked.

However, measures were taken against these types of acts. For its part, the American School suspended the participants of the video, and parents, in some cases, suspended their children from their Eurotrip.

As was the case of a young woman, who went viral after sending an audio to her friend telling her that her parents canceled her trip:

“Wow, I’m sick, I didn’t think this was going to get to this point, damn Ana Sofi who sent it to her boyfriend. My parents just told me that I’m not going to go on the Eurotrip anymore, they suspended me from the Americano, I mean, wow… Please, tell everyone to stop sucking, to delete it—the video—. I didn’t know she was going to come to this. Don’t suck the eurtip wey!

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After the whole situation, on social networks, after the audio and video, Internet users have reported that the young woman must look for “best friends”, since it was very disloyal that they “unintentionally” showed what she did together with her friends, to whom, as in their case, it cost them their trip.

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