American visa: Do they really investigate your family to approve it?

American visa: Do they really investigate your family to approve it?


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Being able to enter the USA has become one of the objectives of thousands of people who without a doubt are in the middle of the process of American visa, document which is essential to be able to access said nation, but believe it or not, there are people who are really afraid of starting the Procedure for fear that your family be investigatedsince many assure that if they did so their request would be rejected; this you have to know.

This ID It is vital for people looking to enter the american union and it is of vital importance, since the American authorities They have greater control of who enters and the time they spend within their borders, so the number of requests has increased as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, making the waiting time really long.

It is worth mentioning that each of the steps in this process is Vital importancesince since the filling of the form, the interview with the consular authorities and even the biometric with the CAS, all the information that is required of you goes through an exhaustive research process, so without a doubt, the experts assure that you should always be transparent and speak with the absolute truth, because lies are truly punished in this process.

And one of the points that intimidates people too much is applicant is that they reach investigate the familyboth those who are within their country of origin and those who come to live in USA, since many believe that this could be an impediment to their application being approved, or could harm the status of those who ask for it, and this is what you need to know about it.

Can my family background cause my American life to be rejected?

Be careful, it is important to clarify that each process It is completely different and independent of the applicant, since there are questions that will be asked of people and there are others that will not be asked or many aspects may be of vital importance in some processes; however, investigate the family Yes, it is one of the most common ones you can come across and these are the reasons for it. United States Government.

On the one hand, it is important that you know that the family you have in your home is investigated. country of origin in order to be sure that you have strong and important ties to return to your home once your visit to the US territory, Well, one of the biggest fears of the immigration authorities is that you will remain under illegal status, so this step is a vital focus for the consulate.

While on the other side of the coin, there are the relatives which are in USA either as immigrants or within the process of Green Card and even with the citizenship of this nation, since it can be summarized that if they go through the investigation process and the reasons are the same, then you must verify that you will not stay with them permanently once your stay ends. visit in this country.

It is important to mention that some of the factors that enter into the process of investigation e are quite general and not specific, since they only ask for addresses, the contact and relationship you have with your family or either the way they are going to be or how they are going to be maintained while you are inside the territory of the United States.

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