American VISA H-2A: What are the COMPANIES that hire Latinos the most in the US?

American VISA H-2A: What are the COMPANIES that hire Latinos the most in the US?

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When looking for a American visa of work, many Latinos opt for H-2A visaa category that grants a conditional work permit; and which, in turn, grants the right to agricultural employers to USA to temporarily hire foreign citizens. Broadly speaking, this type of document allows those recruited to perform agricultural services or tasks for a limited time, or in schemes that are ‘per project’.

How is an H-2A visa processed to work temporarily in the US?

When the initiative is taken by the employer, he must complete the?Form I-129: Petition for Nonimmigrant Worker. Additionally, you must demonstrate to the Immigration and Customs Enforcement Service USA (USCIS,) that hiring a foreign employee is extremely beneficial for your company; either because there are not enough American workers trained or available. Additionally, you must prove that your new hire will not adversely affect the wages and working conditions of your current American workers.

Meanwhile, workers interested in obtaining a H-2A visathey must go to the Department of State of the USAor, to a US Embassy or Consulate to start the process. Generally, detailed communication must first occur between the interested company and the potential worker; This, to demonstrate that there is a previous job offer involved (which is mandatory to start with all the paperwork.) On their own, interested workers can find genuine job offers for this visa through direct recommendations, job fairs or calls from certified agencies.

Which US companies grant the most H-2A visas to Latinos?

According to a 2021 report carried out by Employer Data Hubthe USCIS certified that the largest number of workers requested under this category of American visaare found in Florida, North Carolina, Georgia, California and Washington. In that sense, there are 10 large companies that are famous for their multiple hires of Latinos every year (especially Mexicans.) Below, we present the list of all of them:

  • Manzana LLC: with 2,297 approved applications
  • Gracia and Sons LLC: with 2,373 approved applications
  • Elkhorn Packing Co LLC: with 3,500 approved applications
  • Farm OP Kuzzens H-2A LLC: 3,647 applications approved
  • Foothill Packing Inc: 3,771 applications approved
  • Zirkle Fruit Co: 3,827 applications approved
  • Wafla: 4,167 applications approved
  • Null: 4,591 applications approved
  • Fresh Harvest Inc. 4,591 applications approved
  • NCGA & Joint Employers: 10,224 applications approved

Requirements to apply for the H-2A visa and work in the United States

If there is already the will to work in agricultural work USAand the appropriate communication has already occurred between the employer and the interested party; It is time for him to focus on gathering the necessary documentation. It is essential to point out that you must be very cautious with scams; and that if there is any doubt about the authenticity of an offer, alerts should be raised if the supposed recruiter asks for additional money than what corresponds to the procedures. Otherwise, the following requirements must be met to begin the application process: American visa H-2A:

  • Be from a country eligible to apply for the H-2A visa
  • Have an interested and current employer in the United States
  • That the employer submit the application to hire foreign workers (Form I-129)
  • Have a valid passport from the country of origin
  • Make the H-2A visa application and pay the $190 fee to the USCIS
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