American VISA: The 3 documents that increase your chances of approval

American VISA: The 3 documents that increase your chances of approval

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In matter of formalities for the American visathere are many myths about ‘infallible formulas’ for their approval to be absolute. However, nothing can guarantee you a ‘yes’ from the consular officers of USA. To be honest, any decision depends on the criteria of the officer who will interview you, as well as the documents you provide to be honest about your profile. Of course, that doesn’t mean you should be careless with such an important permit; In fact, there are three types of documents that CAN reduce the chances of your visa being rejected.

What documents help to easily obtain an American visa?

In addition to providing true and correct information at all times, there are three types of documents that you should always look for to increase the chances of getting a ‘yes’ with the American visa. According to Embassy of USA in MexicoWhat consular officers are most interested in is checking that you are not lying and that your profile is strongly linked to your country of origin. For this reason, the three types of documents that you should prioritize in these formalities are:

  • Specific documents of the initial trip

It’s not enough to say you want to go to Disney World to relive your childhood. Instead of appealing to nostalgia, bet on the truth by presenting accurate and detailed information about your travel itinerary: include paperwork proving your entry, your departure, your transportation reservations, your hotel reservation, etc. All of this shows the consular agent that you have a solid and well-defined plan, reducing the chances that you intend to stay in USA illegally.

  • Documents to verify your status in your country of origin

Show your proof of work or school, as well as details of how long you have been in each. If you live with your parents, rent some property, or if you have your own home; Gather all receipts or deeds that bear your name. All of the above reflects essential links, demonstrating to the consular agent that you have compelling reasons to return to your country, and that the American visa It is only to respect the tourist schemes of the B1/B2 modality.

The best way to demonstrate that you will not become a public charge to USAis to gather account statements and/or payroll receipts that prove that you yourself are sufficiently solvent. In the American visa process, be sure to provide any document that confirms your economic ability to go and return. The closer your itineraries match your financial stability, the better your chances.

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