America’s coach showed his joy and pride for eliminating Chivas: “Another final” – La Opinión

America’s coach showed his joy and pride for eliminating Chivas: “Another final” – La Opinión

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The Águilas del América once again placed themselves at the top, in the elite of the Mexican foot ball under the guidelines and instructions of its technical director André Jardine. The Águilas managed to dominate Chivas 1-0 and in this way managed to finalize their pass to the grand final of the Clausura 2024 of the MX League.

The Brazilian coach has managed to take the Eagles to two consecutive finals, and in this way He was able to completely break a regrettable streak of 10 years without being able to achieve this, in addition to establishing himself as a key figure, the spearhead of the azulcrema bench.

Words from the Rio coach for the pass to the final

“One more final, important to be in this club, I don’t think we can win all of them.” the titles we play for, but the important thing is to fight for them,” said Jardine after the match that ensured the Águilas got their ticket to the final. “It has been 10-11 years in which America was not in consecutive finals. Things come out that are not true, the games show the level of the team, the commitment. Although we don’t always play the way we want, because the players are not robots,” added the coach, highlighting and giving great importance to both the achievements achieved and the challenges faced.

Chivas de Guadalajara were not an easy rival

The Brazilian coach also spoke about the rival they faced and the key to beating them., in what was a quite complicated series. “On the other side there is also a rival who manages to neutralize you, which is what happened in the first game. Today I am going to talk about the good things, always controlled, always going ahead. The 0-0 was useful for us, but we were always closer to the goal. We have to enjoy ourselves, give ourselves the right to celebrate, and on Monday we will think about the final,” commented Jardine, highlighting his team’s resilience and strategy to achieve the final goal.

Regarding the controversy in which Igor Lichnovsky has been immersed in recent weeks, Jardine did not hesitate for a single second to show his unconditional support for the player, making the importance of rest and personal freedom quite clear. “Happy for him, free days are free, to unload, always measuring the physical loads, thinking about truly resting, each one in his own way,” explained the coach. “Igor always shows commitment in training and games, he had a bruised knee and played what he played. Thank him because he has two great tournaments, he has been an important player for us,” the coach concluded, making clear his appreciation for the defender’s dedication and effort, something to which he gives great importance and value.

What’s next for America?

The final is a fact and is on the team’s horizon, so both the players and his fans have many reasons to celebrate and remain hopeful. André Jardine has demonstrated with deeds that he is a leader capable of taking the Eagles to the top and being two-time champions is an achievement that is getting closer to being realized. On Monday (tomorrow) preparation will begin for the team for the season finale where the objective remains the same, to win one more championship and continue writing and making history in the Liga MX as one of the most important clubs. renowned throughout Mexico.

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