An Iranian MMA fighter was banned for life for attacking a “ring girl” in the middle of a fight – La Opinion

An Iranian MMA fighter was banned for life for attacking a “ring girl” in the middle of a fight – La Opinion

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Recently, one of the most reprehensible scenes and moments in recent years was experienced in Moscow. times in sport, especially in contacts when a general brawl was generated by the protagonists themselves and in addition to a harsh sanction towards a fighter of Iranian origin that provoked one of the women in charge of going up to the octagon and showing the posters announcing the rounds to come in Mixed Martial Arts (MMA).

The Russian MMA league HFC announced the lifetime ban of Iranian fighter Ali Heibatiafter the incident in which he was the protagonist during a fight in which he attacked one of the ‘ring girls’ according to information that was made known by people present at the event.

The Asian fighter was sanctioned after kicking the young woman’s hip while she was presenting the first round of the fight in which she was finally defeated. The incident will remain for posterity since it was filmed and the audiovisual material was disseminated through social networks, it was considered “totally unacceptable behavior” by the Russian MMA league.

Heibati’s background played a role in the sanction

The suspension of the Iranian Heibati came after a series of previous incidents that had the fighter in the eye of the league’s hurricane, and also included a series of attacks on his opponent after the defeat, as well as his participation in fights prior to the fight, which the league considered as a stimulus to violence due to his consequent acts of indiscipline.

Heibati decided to talk about what happened

The Iranian fighter decided to speak out and broadcast through the publication of a video, a public apology where he let the fans in general know how sorry he was for his behavior towards the woman who was a victim of the aforementioned humiliation in the octagon. In the audiovisual material, the fighter justified his actions as “a result of the tension prior to the fight and the emotions overflowing at the moment.”

“I was tense and, as most understand, emotions flourish in the fight, so before the fight I acted badly towards Maria‘”said the fighter. And he further added: “I want to publicly apologize to her. I am a married man, so I respect the female gender. She was doing her job and I, after the fight, did not admit my guilt either, because they also hit me on the head.”

Fans around the world condemned what happened

There have been many fans around the world who have strongly condemned the behavior of Heibati through social networks to the point of describing it as “shameful” and “deplorable.” He “He tried to attack the winner several times after the fight. “Zero sportsmanship,” commented one of the spectators of the evening. Another acknowledged that after the fight, Heibati was precisely the one who received a few blows for his attitude. “No one has been stupid enough to do this before,” was the phrase that qualified him.

The ring girl, identified by the name María, accepted her attacker’s apology and expressed her gratitude for the gesture of repentance and his words. However, the sanction imposed on him by the Russian MMA league HFC has been quite emphatic in maintaining high standards of exemplary conduct inside and outside ‘the cage’, as well as a 100% commitment to safety and respect for everyone involved in the sport of mixed martial arts.

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