Ana Bárbara reveals everything that happened at La Academia with a video!

Ana Bárbara reveals everything that happened at La Academia with a video!


Ana Bárbara reveals everything that happened at The Academy with a video! (Instagram)

Ana Bárbara reveals everything that happened at La Academia with a video! | Instagram

The grupera queen, Ana Bárbara, triumphed as a judge on the program The academy 20 years and a month after the grand finale of this reality show was held, in which the representative of Honduras, cesiathe famous already announced the premiere of a behind the scenes of everything she experienced that night.

In the words of the interpreter of “Bandit”, The Academy, meant for her the return to work in Mexicothe return to television screens and also turned out to be a great showcase for her, because, to the surprise of many, this latest generation reached a success as several generations ago it was not seen.

students like Ruby Ibarra from San Luis Potosí, countrywoman from Ana Barbara either Nelson from Guatemala, have stated in several interviews that the grupera queen was their favorite judge, due to the great empathy she had with them and the good treatment she gave them when they had to give their criticism. Without a doubt, this special video has a lot to show.

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Through her social networks and specifically on her official Instagram account, Ana Bárbara published the trailer for this special behind-the-scenes video of what she experienced at La Academia and which has already been published on her official YouTube channel; The Barbarian Life.

Despite the fact that, during the concerts, the interpreter of “Lo Busqué” had several brushes with the iron judge, Arturo López Gavito, in his publication he mentioned that he misses him a lot, like his other companions Lola Cortés and Horacio Villalobos.

Pieces of my soul, run to my YouTube channel The Barbara Life is now available in the final of The Academy! Almost a month of this day, I miss you, Lola Cortés, Arturo López Gavito, Horacio Villalobos and all the beautiful production, ”she wrote, the singer in her publication.

In the seconds of this trailer, we see her backstage singing one of her songs with Nelson, also in the moments of “tin and paint” as many women say to the process of makeup and hair and also giving her opinion to the students in the concerts and their direct relationship with the other judges.

In less than a day after this trailer of her behind the scenes was published, she has managed to have, so far, more than 44 thousand reproductions, only on Instagram and her loyal fans have filled her with good comments, thanking her for this new video that so much they expected to see.

So, if you want to know everything that he lived through Anne Barbara, in his behind the scenes at The Academy, is now available at Youtube. Without a doubt, a video that will be giving what to talk about. SEE HERE HIM BEHIND THE SCENES.


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