André-Pierre Gignac nominated Marcelo Bielsa to lead El Tri over Miguel Herrera

André-Pierre Gignac nominated Marcelo Bielsa to lead El Tri over Miguel Herrera

André-Pierre Gignac star of the UANL Tigers.

André-Pierre Gignac star of the UANL Tigers.

Photo: Julio Cesar Aguilar/AFP/Getty Images

The French striker and star of the UANL Tigers, André-Pierre Gignac, gave his point of view as one more Mexican, about who should be the new DT of the Trithis after the failure suffered in the Qatar 2022 World Cup in which they were left out in the first phase after 44 years.

In this sense Gignac assured that Marcelo Bielsa is a great option since he is very detailed and the adaptation period would be very fast for the players. The Frenchman coincided with Marcelo Bielsa at Olympique Marseille and assured that he knows how to work with young footballers and also considers him an expert in statistics.

However, André-Pierre Gignac considers that for identity it would be preferable to place a DT born in Mexico on the bench, although Bielsa’s option is considered more adaptable.

André-Pierre Gignac on Miguel Herrera

André-Pierre Gignac launched a phrase in an interview with Fox Sports, which drew a lot of attention, the Frenchman questioned himself: “Do we want a trainer with skills or one who does commercials?“; He asked the question when he was questioned about the possibility of Miguel Herrera coming to the bench.

Immediately afterwards, he assured that his comment had nothing to do with his former technical director, Miguel Herrera, whom he considered another good option. when choosing candidates to relieve Gerardo Martino on the bench of the Mexican National Team.

Seven years of experience endorse Gignac to give an opinion on Mexican soccer

André-Pierre Gignac has been playing in the MX League with the UANL Tigers for seven yearstime in which he has become a star of the feline cast and one of the historical figures of Mexican soccer, which is why he has enough stripes to comment on the future of the Tri bench.

For this reason, he talks about the subject without half measures and as a Mexican morea footballer who bet on Liga MX to succeed and continue developing his career and who adopted the country as his own, and views the failure in the Qatar 2022 World Cup with concern.

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