Andrés García reappeared on TV after suffering an overdose

Andrés García reappeared on TV after suffering an overdose

The actor Andrés García reappeared on television, voiceless and visibly emaciated by the incident he suffered a few days ago, to give details of his state of health.

During an interview that he offered to the “Ventaneando” program, the artist He regretted that his voice was in such poor condition, because while he spoke it was almost impossible to understand what he was saying.

A few days ago his wife, Margarita Portillo, said that when she went to the actor’s rescue call, she found him completely unconscious. She couldn’t speak, that’s why she took him to her house, but when she saw that the oxygenation was not adequate, she took him to the hospital; there, they told him that the actor had suffered a overdose.

After doing an anti-doping test, Margarita confirmed that her husband had taken drugs, that someone had taken them home in Acapulco and that she strongly suspected who it was, although she did not reveal any further details.

However, García assured that he had no memories of that episode. «Well, look, I don’t even remember, the truth is that I don’t even remember. I only know that I suddenly woke up and I was lying in the patio of my house on the beach, that’s what I remember, “she said.

Throughout his career, the producer has also faced various serious illnesses, such as leukemia and cancer, diseases that he overcame and that left him with experiences that he remembers with optimism.

While receiving care for a fall he suffered weeks ago, he was diagnosed with cirrhosis, a liver disease that he attributes to the consumption of alcohol that he sustained throughout his life.

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